Turkish citizenship 2021 How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship?

how to get Turkish citizenship by investment 2021
How to get Turkish citizenship by investment 2021

On 3/23/2021, some amendments made to the Implementation of Turkish Citizenship Law, in regard to investment and buying a property in Turkey with the aim of preventing the circumvention of the Turkish nationality law in exchange for the property. These amendments included:

Get Turkish citizenship by property

  • Some amendments were issued regarding the Implementation of Turkish Citizenship Law through investment and buying a property in Turkey.
  • This aims to prevent the deception of the Turkish Citizenship law in exchange for the property.
  • The owner is not entitled to sell the property to a Turkish citizen, and reselling it to another investor of the same nationality.
  • Previously, the property could be sold to a Turkish person and resold to a person of the same nationality.
  • Nowadays, Turkish Citizenship Law forbids the sale of a property until it has been owned for three years.
  •  After 3 years, the property can be sold after obtaining Turkish citizenship to Turkish or foreign person directly.
  • Foreign investors can invest in real estate, but they cannot apply for Turkish citizenship unless it is sold to a Turkish person and then to the foreigner, and the foreigner has a different nationality from the first investor.
  • Foreigners can buy a property for the purpose of Turkish citizenship with a price of 250 thousand dollars.
  • But they are not entitled to resell the property after obtaining Turkish citizenship (after 3 years) to the person who sold them the property itself.
  • Turkish citizenship will be cancelled if there is any lack or fraud in the identification documents when applying for citizenship.

Get Turkish citizenship by investment 2021

Millions of people visit Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular every year.

This because Turkey enjoys a natural beauty, cultural values, historical structures, geographical features and wonderful Real estate projects.

It is very easy nowadays to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport to be able to visit Turkey anytime for any purpose.

But an important question may come to the minds of many, which is how to become a Turkish citizen with the full powers and features of Turkish citizenship!

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With the new regulation announced on September 18 last year, the Republic of Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners for these cases:

  • Pay an amount of $250,000 for Real estate investment.
  • Establish or buy a company with a capital of $500,000.
  • Deposit $500,000 in government investment instruments or government banks.

Investors should promise that this amount will not be withdrawn for a period of three years.

In addition to the above, the employment of 50 employees is determined as criteria for applying for Turkish citizenship.

Many of the regulations were published in the Official Paper No.106 related to Turkish citizenship.

Thus, Turkey intended to qualify the Turkish citizenship for foreigners, and the fixed amount has been reduced to $500,000 instead of $2 million.

Turkish citizens’ rights

Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship and passports by purchasing a housing or investment Real estate project with the required amount.

Turkish passport is ranked 38th in the world and 18th in Europe.

The holders of this passport can travel to 72 countries without a visa.

Here are a set of advantages which foreigners will get after applying for Turkish citizenship and obtaining it:

  1. Staying on Turkish lands without the proof of residence (the right to own and buy as an original Turkish citizen).
  2. The possibility to enjoy education service.
  3. Accessibility to special jobs that only Turkish citizens can get.
  4. The right of voting in elections (the right to citizenship).
  5. The possibility of applying to run for elections.
  6. The right of having bank accounts in all Turkish and international banks in Turkey.
Turkish citizenship by investment 2021
Turkish citizenship by investment 2021

Advantages of Turkish citizenship for foreigners

Turkey has witnessed a great growth in infrastructure and superstructure projects in all its cities.

This improvement led foreign investors to put Turkey at the top of the list for Real estate investment.

Real estate field contributes to the development of industry, trade, agriculture and export products for the modern state of Turkey.

There are many good expectations about Turkey for the future, starting from technological transformation in various aspects of public life.

This aims to make the institutions of public and private sectors more accessible to provide appropriate services and to secure communication between public and commercial services for all sectors.

Turkey is surrounded by seas on three sides: the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean to the south.

This strategic location facilitates access to about 1.6 billion customers in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Additionally, the strategic plans of the Turkish government create new resources that will make the economy stronger and ensure stability and sustainable development for the long term.

Requirements for acquiring Turkish citizenship

There are many foreigners who want to obtain citizenship in Turkey to enjoy its great features.

There are certain requirements and ways to apply for Turkish citizenship:

1- Fast citizenship by buying a property of one million dollars

According to the new citizenship law, foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship in the fastest way without any waiting time by Real estate investment.

This requires buying a property of $1,000,000 and promising to keep it in the hands for a period of 3 Years.

This leads to obtaining Turkish citizenship directly, along with all family members.

2- Citizenship by purchasing a property of $250000

Turkish government has issued some improvements for foreign investors to apply for Turkish citizenship.

They can now obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Real estate with an amount of $250000.

A recent statistic in 2021 showed that 18,000 people have obtained Turkish citizenship from the Real estate sector after this decision.

3- Obtaining citizenship by decision of the competent authority

The approval of the competent authority is required for a foreigner to obtain Turkish citizenship with all conditions.

No one can acquire citizenship if the Turkish authorities and the government do not agree.

Also, the acquisition of Turkish citizenship cannot affect the husband’s citizenship or the custody of the child.

And after the applicant obtains Turkish citizenship, the custody of the child can be transferred to the other spouse.

In other cases of not approving, custody is determined according to the decision of the judge where the mother or father live.

If the father and mother acquire Turkish citizenship together, the children will automatically be accepted as citizens as well.

4- Restoring Turkish citizenship

People who lost their Turkish citizenship in any case can re-apply for the citizenship.

And there is a special section for those who lost Turkish citizenship for political and economic reasons.

5- Turkish citizenship by marriage contract

The easiest and most popular way is to marry a Turkish citizen and obtain Turkish citizenship.

But marriage does not grant citizenship directly, only after 3 years of marriage, foreigners can apply for citizenship under the following conditions:

  • They should live together.
  • Stay away from behaviors that harm marriage.
  • The marriage does not pose any threat to national security and public order.

6- Obtaining Turkish citizenship under exceptional circumstances

There are other exceptions for people who can obtain Turkish citizenship, for example:

  • The developing of Turkey in the scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural and artistic factories or fields, and the reasonable proposal will be considered in the ministries’ right.
  • Pioneers of democracy and citizenship in Turkey through Real estate investment. For example, making commercial investments in Turkey and opening a company with a work permit for entrepreneurs.
  • People who are essential to citizenship.
  • People who are admitted as immigrants.

7- Main conditions for acquiring Turkish citizenship

  • The applicant must be of the age of majority or can apply through the legal elderly.
  • Being in Turkey for a period of five years without interruption.

The applicant must have proof documents for the purpose of residency in Turkey, which are:

  • Owning Real estate in Turkey.
  • Establishing a business in Turkey.
  • Investing in Turkey.
  • Moving to Turkey for activities or business.
  • Working in Turkey according to a work permit.
  • Marrying a Turkish citizen.
  • Completing studies in Turkey.
  • If having a disease that is an obstacle to public health.
  • Being a reliable person.
  • Fluency with Turkish language.
  • Having an income or career to support yourself.
  • Respecting national security and public order.

Stages of naturalization in Turkey 2021

Each of the following papers must be prepared when applying for Turkish citizenship:

  • The original passport or other documents proving the nationality of the applicant
  • If the applicant is stateless, documents proving the applicant’s statelessness must be provided.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Residence permit.
  • Documents confirming first-time arrival to Turkey (year and date of arrival), the number of times out of Turkey and all times lived in Turkey (stamp in the passport, original residence permit and photocopy).
  • In case of marriage, official documents confirming the identity and family of the husband and under-age children must be presented (marriage license, birth certificate for children).
  • If there are any relatives in Turkey, a copy of the Turkish identity card and the address in Turkey must be submitted (relatives location).
  • Income confirmation.
  • Recent personal photos.

Application and evaluation process for Turkish nationality

1- For foreigners who will request citizenship on the basis of fixed capital investment in the amount of $500,000.

They must submit a written application to the Ministry of Economy with the following documents:

  • The application form signed by the applicant.
  • Filling in the investment information form.
  • A copy of the identity information pages of the passport.
  • The commercial registry sheet explains the partnership structure of the legal entity that has made the fixed capital investment, which forms the basis of application and the amount of the investment.
  • A special report approved by a certified public accountant stating the amount of fixed capital.
  • (the report must contain information regarding fixed capital investments made after the date of publication of the regulations).
  • Evidence that the foreign investment with an amount of $500,000 has been transferred to the company’s capital.
  • The relevant foreign depository account receipt in the same report should be provided.

2- The application is submitted to the approval of the ministry after the General directorate for the Implementation of Incentives and Foreign Investment at the Ministry of Economy determines that the application meets the conditions.

Applications that don’t meet the requirements are rejected by the General Administration for the Application of Incentives and Foreign Investment.

Also, applications that fail to complete incomplete information and documents within one month after the written notification of the applicant.

“All these cases will be rejected without further notice”.

3- The approved applications by the Ministry are sent to the Ministry of Interior to take the necessary measures by the specialists and the Minister.

Advantages of buying property in Turkey

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship at the same time with the wife and children under the age of 18 years.
  • When applying for citizenship, there is no need to advertising property or income in other countries.
  • Living abroad and applying for citizenship as soon as obtaining a residence permit when purchasing with $250,000.

Important information you should know before applying for Turkish citizenship

In case the foreign investor is a contributor in the company that makes the investment at a certain rate, it is required that the amount which will be obtained by multiplying the rate that corresponds to the individual’s share in the company is investing by the total investment amount is a minimum of $500,000.

When determining the fixed capital amounts, the date on which the regulation is published, January 12, 2017, should be considered.

Thus, fixed capital investments made before this date do not grant the right to apply for citizenship.

Also, when calculating fixed capital expenses for applications to be made in the following years, the expenses incurred in the last 3 years as a maximum should be considered.

In case that an additional fixed capital investment is made for an existing investment, the increase in the fixed capital investment amount is considered as of the beginning of the additional investment.

For applicants who are determined by the administration to have submitted faked or misleading documents, the citizenship procedures will be suspended and a notice sent to the Ministry of Interior to withdraw citizenship from them.

And the additional applications that must be submitted by people who have submitted false or misleading applications will not be taken into consideration until if it meets the relevant criteria.

Get Turkish passport by residence

Citizenship can be obtained upon residence for a continuous period of 5 years, with leaving the country for a maximum period of 6 months only, and this is a valuable opportunity according to one of the legal methods.

Turkish passport is ranked 38th in the world and 18th in Europe.

The holders of this passport can travel to 72 countries without a visa.

They can also travel to 39 countries with two options for visas:

  • Obtaining it on their arrival to the country.
  • Getting it through the internet.

The qualified individuals for citizenship are those who have Real estate projects, establish a business, or marry a Turkish citizen.

In addition to people who have completed a university education in Turkey (hold university degrees).

Other requirements include:

  • Medical report with a clean bill of health.
  • Good Behavior Reports.
  • Average knowledge of Turkish language.
  • Prove adequate resources for self-preservation.
  • Not to pose a threat to national security or the system.
  • Renunciation of previous citizenship if the country of origin does not accept dual citizenship.
  • Not to have criminal record or any open administrative reasons, particularly in tax matters.

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