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Gaziosmanpasa it is a large region in Istanbul-Turkey where a million people live in a good social infrastructure.

The area was named after Gazi Osman Pasha (1832-1900), who was involved in the Balkans until the 1950s.

In 1970s, many Anatolians came to live with the Balkans and the result was a spread of Poverty, overpopulation, and crimes.

They lived in small illegally huts, and it expanded after the immigration from eastern Anatolia in 1980s.

Gaziosmanpasa was divided into three districts. The first area is located in the north and is known as the “city center”.

“Arnavutkoy” is the second one, which is located in the far north. The third is known as Esenler and Bayrampasa.

Gaziosmanpasa contains important services such as, mosques, shopping and entertainment places. The residences include high-rise apartment buildings and large houses.

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Social and Cultural Life in Gaziosmanpasa

Gaziosmanpasa is characterized by an active and vibrant life in terms of its modern buildings and luxury estates.

It is popular with important places such as, Baglarbasi Street, Sarigol district, a center for cultural activities called in Kucukkoy.

In addition to the Gaziosmanpasa Square, which is one of the places where you can enjoy time with your family.

Buying Turkish properties in Gaziosmanpasa

Gaziosmanpasa it is one of the most attractive areas for investment in Istanbul that is full of luxury estates.

The average price per square meter of housing is 3680 liras, and the average price per 100 square meter is 276,031 TL-460,100 TL.

And, the average for 100 square meters of rental apartments is 1719 Turkish liras.

You can live or invest in these residences as they are characterized by modern features and contain all services.

Famous places in Gaziosmanpasa

  • Tayakadin Recreation Area

You can come for a picnic to this area where you can do many activities and enjoy with your family.

There are paths where you can walk, ride a bike or play football and volleyball.

It is a great chance to visit nature and enjoy the trees and the grasses.

  • Gaziosmanpasa Recreation Area

It is the center of cultural and social activities, as it was established on a very large area with walking tracks, cafes, playgrounds, basketball courts, and terrace.

Many events, concerts and are held in the area on some special days, and there are no fees to enter this area.

You can come with your family or friends and escape from the crowded streets and areas in Istanbul.

  • Gaziosmanpasa Square (Gaziosmanpaşa Meydan)

It is considered as the center of Gaziosmanpasa area, it has a large mosque in the middle.

It is a place where you can find every need for shopping, with many restaurants, cafes and shops.

Marmaris Dönercisi, Sadıkoğlu Patisserie, Marmaris Buffet, Seyran and Karadeniz Stew Hall are the most preferred places in Gaziosmanpasa Meydan.

Venezia Megaa Outlet

Venezia Mega Outlet

Venezia Megaa Outlet it is located in the Black Sea area in Gaziosmanpasa, and it is the largest shopping center in Istanbul.

It is built in the style of the Italian city of Venice, which is the best example of Italian architecture.

There are water channels on both sides where you can find shops with world-famous brands, restaurants, and many entertainment places.

The pretty weird is that you move inside the shops via chartered boats, and this is what distinguishes the mall and makes it a focus of attention for local visitors and tourists.

All these famous and beautiful places attract investors to buy modern Real estate and luxury homes in this area.

It is like a dream to live in an area that is full of historical and stunning views. Gaziosmanpasa is the real concept of living a happy and great life.

Gaziosmanpasa for the best housing and investing opportunities

Gaziosmanpasa is located in the center of Istanbul and close to crowded areas such as Zeytinburnu, Topkapi, Eminonu, Taksim.

It is one of the real concepts of living and investing due to the numbers of modern Real estate.

It also includes highways and main roads that facilitate your moving to any spot in Istanbul in a short time.

You can use many types of transportation such as, public buses, metro stations, and public transportations.

It involves many social amenities including, schools, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, and stores to meet people’s needs.

Gaziosmanpasa contains luxury apartments and modern Real estate for sale due to its vital location and roads.

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