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Lale Real Estate Group

Lale Group started with a participatory experience with a group of partners in Dubai and Jordan, and is now stable as a real estate group and works on the Turkish market, especially in Istanbul. The Lale Group is not relying on a temporary profit nor on real estate booms. Rather, it is based on a study of the market and the selection of short or long-term investment opportunities and real estate development opportunities.

We sometimes work as real estate brokers, but within two principles. First: Participation, even if the profit decreases. Second: Building relationships where we believe that relationships are more important and valuable than winning a deal. We aim to be the first to be contacted by the customer if he wants to own, manage or develop a real estate in Istanbul.

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Do you want to join the Lale Real Estate Group work team? Contact us to inquire about the current jobs.

Lale Real Estate Group Vision

A leading real estate group in the field of marketing, management and development that adopts the principle of partnership and trust with its clients.

Lale Real Estate Group Mission

Contributing to the renaissance and building of the Turkish real estate market, in order to raise its rank among the top ten great countries in the world.

Real Estate Tours for the Real Estate Projects in Istanbul

Our services don't stop only to present exclusive offers. Rather, we organize pre-planned visits to construction locations in Istanbul Turkey, where you can meet directly with the sales team to get the latest details and developments related to your investment and the progress of work construction.

Real Estate Consulting Service

Since the establishment of our company, we have aimed to provide our real estate consultants with the best standards to be ready to provide the best consulting services in Istanbul Turkey, so don't miss the opportunity to book a real estate consultation with our consultants.

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

With our real estate consultants and specialists in the Turkish legal affairs, we will help you to get the correct investment decision and buy the best property that qualifies you to get Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

Real Estate Comparison Service

After the real estate consultation session and after selecting the most important projects suitable and visiting them; this service is prepared for the real estate comparison between the selected properties. The real estate comparison service is based on several criteria:
1. Studying the project area and its prices during the last five years and knowing the municipality's plans for the area.
2. Explaining the price per square meter and comparing it with the prices of square meters of similar properties in the same area.
3. Expecting the rental rate for the next three years and the case of rent.
4. Reviewing the selected apartments and the most significant criteria for them, including views, directions and interior features.

Property Management in Turkey Service

We are pleased to provide you after-sales services property management in Turkey through a completely separate department at our company.

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