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Basaksehir is one of the European side areas, with a population of 342,422 in the year of 2014.

Basaksehir is one of the largest organized industrial areas in Turkey with more than 20,000 small and large businesses.

It contains the largest and most prestigious Real estate projects in the city, where the rich Arabs in Istanbul live.

Basaksehir is the preferred choice for investors who want to start residential projects in Turkey.

As it includes many vital facilities such as the new metro, Istanbul Third Airport and the Northern Marmara Road, and The Olympic Village, Istanbul Canal.

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The strategic location of Basaksehir

Basaksehir is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the center of the city.

It is bordered by the most important areas in Istanbul. It is bordered by Arnavutkoy neighborhood and the famous Sazeli Deer Lake from the north side, which is a major source of fresh drinking water for many areas.

Eyupsultan area from the northeast side, Sultan Gazi and Esenler from the eastern side, Kucukcekmece and Bagcilar regions from the south, and Esenyurt from the southwest side.

The area includes a water valley located in the fifth neighborhood of Basaksehir, which is an area of 45 thousand square meters and 723 square meters.

Features of Basaksehir-Istanbul

First, The accessibility of transportation in Basaksehir. It is close to many national and international companies, institutions and technical universities in Istanbul, and it is surrounded by highways, making it easy to reach.

It is 20 km away from Ataturk International Airport and 25 km away from the center of Istanbul city.

Second, the development of innovative technology. Basaksehir municipality is one of the municipalities that uses information technologies in the best possible way to provide its citizens with many services using information technologies.

Moreover, free education services for applied technologies, easy access to high-quality human resources, and its nearness to many technical universities.

The opportunity to quickly obtain economic added value from the products and services due to the region, as it is one of the leading business centers in the world.

The industrial sector has an important place in the economic structure of Basaksehir and the small industrial area of İkiteli.

İkiteli is one of the two organized industrial areas in Istanbul that was established on an area of 700 hectares north of the TEM highway.

Thus, there are many industrial facilities operating on a large scale in Kayabashi, which is located within the boundaries of Basaksehir.

Services and facilities in Basaksehir

Basaksehir is one of the most popular and important areas in Istanbul-Turkey.

It is full of educational centers as statistics confirmed in 2017 that it includes 35 primary schools, 30 secondary schools, 5 kindergartens, and 3 international schools.

Istanbul generally enjoys a moderate climate all the year, but what distinguishes Basaksehir is that a large part of it is covered with green spaces and natural valleys.

It is a great choice for nature lovers to buy a home and live in an area which similar to your lifestyle.

And, it has two artificial lakes within a region where life began 25 years ago as many European cities are unable to create artificial lakes in their areas.

In addition to the presence of Ibn Haldun University in Basaksehir, which is the most famous university in Istanbul.

Basaksehir is considered an attraction for many foreigners who come to Istanbul for the purpose of study and stability.

As it is interested in registering foreign students and seeks to provide many scholarships for them.

Health sector in Basaksehir (Istanbul-Turkey)

The largest Medical City in Europe is being built within the Basaksehir area with a capacity of 2682 beds.

It is prepared with the best international medical technologies, and this medical city was divided into 9 hospitals with many specialties.

Basaksehir is characterized by the spread of health facilities that effectively serve the residents.

There is a government hospital with a capacity of 100 beds, in addition to 23 medical centers.

And there are also a large number of hospital projects in Basaksehir. The work is in progress to establish the largest health complex in Europe within the Istanbul Basaksehir area.

Buying the best Real estate in Basaksehir-Istanbul

There are many reasons to buy Real estate in Basaksehir, it is a very important area and can even be described as the first region in the field of Real estate investment.

Basaksehir represents an ideal environment full of vitality and full of public facilities, shopping centers, parks, etc.

You can find luxury homes with facilities such as 5-star hotels, cinemas, theaters, and centers for people with special needs.

Modern estate for sale in Turkey

Why should you choose Basaksehir as the first option for Real estate investment?

The modernity of Basaksehir, it is considered one of the most modern regions in Turkey, with modern infrastructure, and engineering.

It has become a focus of attention for investors and business owners, which led the Turkish government to develop it in all fields.

With the highest standards of luxury and comfort, there are sturdy anti-earthquake buildings and various social facilities, that is the best in Europe.

In addition to the ease access of transportation, as there are many bus and metro stations, and tramway in Basaksehir.

The most famous landmarks of the region: the largest botanical garden in Europe, the largest Medical City in the Middle East, and the largest square in Turkey.

Lale Real Estate Group are here to help you choose the best Real estate project that suite your requirements.

Here is a list of the best Real estate projects in Basaksehir-Turkey

Mavera Residence project

mavera residence

This project consists of a 15-storey building with 360 apartments, and each floor includes 24 apartments of styles 1 + 1 and 2 + 1.

Prices of the project start from 87 thousand dollars and rise to nearly 112,000 dollars, with spaces that are varied starting from 61.04 for the style 1 + 1 and 86.64 for the style 2 + 1.

This project is distonguished by its nearness to the Medical City, and Istanbul Third Airport, and the city center.

Mavera Comfort project

mavera comfort

It consists of 16 towers, with a number of 9 floors. The project will be built on an area of 65 thousand square meters, with green spaces occupying more than 75% of the project area.

The project will include 705 housing units in the project with styles 2 + 1 / 3.5 +1 / 4.5+1.

The project is surrounded by shops and restaurants, and Adly Palace will be built behind it.

Prices of the project start from 121 thousand dollars and rise to nearly 245 thousand dollars, depending on the size and the style of apartments.

Facilities near the project:

  • Medical City, botanical garden, the Olympic metro.
  • It is 23 minutes away from the new Istanbul airport.
  • It is 1 minute away from Ibn Haldun University.

3 Istanbul project

3 Istanbul

It is based on an area of 115,000 square meters with styles 1+1/1+2/1+3/1+4, in addition to the green spaces and the services such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms and a mosque for each section.

It consists of 4 sections; the first section is ready for housing and consists of 8 buildings at a height of 13 floors.

The second section is under construction and consists of seven buildings and a total of 524 apartments.

The third section consists of a hotel design building with a total of 140 apartments and a height of 11 building floors.

And the last one consists of shops and hotel apartments ranging between 1 + 1 and 2 + 1.

Facilities near the project:

  • The largest botanical garden in Europe: 4 minutes.
  • New metro: 5 minutes.
  • The largest Medical City in Europe: 4 minutes.
  • The largest square in Europe: 5 minutes.
  • Ibn Haldun University: 4 minutes.
  • Istanbul New Airport: 25 minutes.

PARK MAVERA 4 project

Park Mavera 4 Lounge

It is located near the new metro (1 minute) and also near the new Istanbul Airport (20 minutes).

The project consists of many apartments of different styles starting from 2 + 1 to 9 + 2 styles.

It consists of 6 blocks and is built on a land of 21,000 square meters with a number of 145 housing units.

Prices of the project start from 248 thousand dollars and rise to nearly 1110 thousand dollars.

These projects are the first step to achieve your dream of having Real estate project for investment or housing.

You reached to a highly experienced Real estate expert in Istanbul. Don’t hesitate to let me know your question! Contact me now.

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