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Lale: An official group working in the field of real estate marketing, development and management.

The Website: Lale Real Estate Group website, which is owned by the group or any of its affiliated websites.

Services: Words related to the services provided by Lale Real Estate Group on any of its websites or pages on the social networking sites.

Visitor / User: Any person who enters and uses Lale Real Estate Group website, by downloading all or part of the existing information, or benefiting from the services provided by the website.

  • Terms of Use of Lale Real Estate Group

Agreeing to the terms of use means that you fully agree to the terms of use of Lale Real Estate Group contained in this page relating to the website and its content.

This agreement and along with the privacy policy published on Lale Real Estate Group website, are the total and only agreement between us and the users.

We may, at any time, make amendments to this agreement without any notification by the website management.

  • Names, Trademarks, URLs and Logos

All names, trademarks, logos, and others related to this website, are owned and controlled by Lale Real Estate Group. As for what may appear on the website of other names or brands that are not associated with Lale Real Estate Group, they are not owned by the company, but by companies referred to.

  • Copyrights

Copyrights include the design, text, organization, translation, graphics, and other matters related to the website and its content, all of which are protected by copyright, trade name, and intellectual property rights. No part of the website or content may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, translated, distributed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose, without our prior written permission.

  • Changes to the Terms of Use

Lale Real Estate Group reserves the absolute right, at any time, to redraft, amend or delete all or part of the Terms of Use. As well as reformat, modify or delete any information or other content on the website.

  • Usage limits

Printing or downloading any content, design, form, document or graphic from the website grants the user a limited, non-exclusive license to use such content individually for his/her personal use and not with the intention of redistributing, publishing, sublicensing, selling, or performing similar work, or other unauthorized use.

  • Responsibilities

By using Lale Real Estate Group website or obtaining any of its services, you agree that we are not responsible of damages resulting from any losses, claims or payments, even if they are in the form of fees acceptable as lawyers’ fees, and this applies to all of our partners, employees, attorneys, and affiliates parties.

  • Security

When registering on the website to benefit from its services, we provide the user with a password specifically for his/her personal use, and he/she is not entitled to re-transfer it to another party.

  • Use of information

Lale Real Estate Group reserves its absolute right to use and transfer all information on how to use the website and information received from users in any way in accordance with the terms of use.

  • External links

Some of our pages on the website may include links to other websites that may benefit our customers, but Lale Real Estate Group are not responsible for the content of those websites or the accuracy of the information published on them. Adding a link on any page of our website is not considered an approval from us on that website, so when the user moves from our website to another one, he/she is responsible for that step.

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