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Zeytinburnu is one of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is located on the European side between E5 road and the coast road.

The reason for its name is due to many reasons, the first is the word (Zeytin) which refers to the olive farms that filled the region in the past.

As for the second word “Burnu”, which means “the nose”, the reason is that it is geographically similar to the shape of the nose when looking at it.

It consists of 13 neighborhoods and has a population of about 290,000 people.

It is also surrounded by Fatih, Eyupsultan, Bayrampasa, Gungorn, Bakirkoy, Esenler and Marmara Sea regions.

Merkezefendi is the most famous neighborhood in Zeytinburnu and the Marquis of Effendi was a very important landmark that attract tourists.

There are many luxurious apartments and residential compounds where you can enjoy another meaning of life.

It is a great choice to buy Real estate for many options whether to live or invest.

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The municipality role in Zeytinburnu-Turkey

Zeytinburnu it was established as a separate public entity in 1957 without a municipal law.

The mayor has control over the executive branch and 14 units in the municipality, and five deputy mayors assist the mayor with administrative tasks.

The municipality is responsible for urban infrastructure, green spaces, parks, weeding, support for sports activities and education.

Family support centers in Zeytinburnu-Turkey

The Family, Women and Disabled Support Center (AKDEM) was established under Zeytinburnu Municipality in 2007 to accomplish the social duties.

AKDEM works to improve the living standards of women, children, the elderly, drug addicts, youth, the disabled, and refugees.

It provides many services such as, special training for people with special needs, health services including physical therapy, psychological and legal advice.

AKDEM plays a crucial role in integrating asylum-seekers within to adapt with the city.

The Zeytinburnu Center for Local Development and Coordination of Relations with the European Union (ZEYKOM) also works in coordination with AKDEM.

They aim to increase the efficiency of local administration in advancing EU membership and contributing to sustainable local development.

The accessibility of transportation in Zeytinburnu

The municipal institution intensifies its efforts in taking all necessary measures to revamp the transportation system by raising the modern tramway to Zeytinburnu to improve the communication between Zeytinburnu and the rest of Istanbul.

Many different projects have paved the way for better transportation for the citizens.

The main tramway also is located in the center which will lead mainly to the bus station in Istanbul.

This has improved the economic position of the area, and other public transportation such as metro line, metrobus, Marmaray subway, and marine transportation.

Zeytinburnu is close to Eurasia Tunnel, a tunnel under the Bosphorus that connects the European and the Asian side together.

You can use it to reduce the travel time to about 15 minutes in order to reduce the traffic congestion in the streets of Istanbul.

This raises the prices of Real estate in Istanbul and especially in the areas where the tunnel passes through.

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