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Eyupsultan is located in the Golden Horn and extend towards the Black Sea, its history goes back to the Byzantine period.

Area Eyupsultan is a very important neighborhood for Muslims, as it has many mosques and historical graves.

It became the focus of attention for tourists who attract to the Ottoman era buildings and the historical structures.

It is also famous with Pierre Loti Café that has stunning views of the Golden Horn and the city.

The café is named after the 19th century French writer Pierre Loti.

Today, Eyupsultan is full of conservative Muslim families where Eyup Sultan Mosque is an important place during Ramadan and Friday prayers.

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Famous places in Eyup Sultan

Mimar Sinan was the most famous architect of the Ottoman Empire and his works appear in many buildings across Turkey.

Tourists and locals can see the Maglova Aqueduct in Alibey Creek. It is 36 meters high and extends for 258 meters.

The two-level stone structure is still working and could be in the list of wonderful ancient canals around the world.

The cable car should be the best transport choice where you can see the beauty of Golden Horn and its coastal neighborhoods.

We recommend tourists to use the cable car at sunset, when the sky hugs the shores in a beautiful way.

Istanbul is Turkey’s largest and most populous city, and Eyupsultan is the most beautiful area & unique in Istanbul.

Eyup Sultan Mosque

Eyup Sultan Cami

It is one of the holiest and most important mosques in Turkey, with an elegant interior and exterior design.

It is located on the tomb site of Abu Ayyub Ansari, who was a friend and standard bearer of the Prophet Mohammad.

Perhaps even the more interesting than the mosque itself is Ayyub’s tomb where is a center of attention for Muslims.

The tomb leads up to the hill where you can visit the Pierre Loti Café and enjoy with your family.

Features of Eyupsultan, Istanbul, Turkey

Eyupsultan is an amazing tourist area that covers an area of 228 km. It is close to the Fatih area, which is a main road of Istanbul, and it has stunning views of the Black Sea.

Eyupsultan includes a good transportation system such as public buses, metro, metrobus and tramway.

Residents and tourists can quickly move around and reach any part of Istanbul.

Additionally, it has a number of malls and commercial markets such as Forum Istanbul and Access Istanbul.

It includes all the essential services that any body needs like, hospitals, schools, and universities.

As a result of these features, it became interesting for investment and many investors have Real estate project here.

The best activities you can do in Eyupsultan

You can come and enjoy the perfect views of the shores. It also has many tourist and historical places.

And you can join the summer activities club where the municipality holds many events and celebrations.

The club has many green spaces and football fields that let you enjoy some time with your family.

Many local visits for clothes and gifts are held at the club where you can shop and buy some souvenirs.

Buying Turkish Real estate in Eyupsultan

Eyupsultan Real estate apartments for sale

Real estate investment extends in all Turkish regions, especially within the regions that have huge vital facilities such as Eyupsultan.

The most of things that encourage investors to build and invest in these projects are the large areas, beautiful views, and good transportation.

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Here is a best Real estate project in Eyupsultan:

Bahar Yaka project

Bahar Yaka project

This project is an important one due to many factors, including its nearness to vital roads such as the E5 and the E80 roads.

Facilities close to Bahar Yaka

  • A metro station is 2 minutes away.
  • Access Mall Istanbul is 1 minute away.
  • Golden Horn is 4 minutes away.
  • The E5 highway is 1 minute away.
  • The E80 is 1 minute away.
  • Al-Fateh area is 7 minutes away.
  • Bosphorus Bridge is 15 minutes away.
  • Istanbul New Airport is 35 minutes away.

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