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Kucukcekmece it is one of the European side areas in Istanbul-Turkey, which located around Kucukcekmece Lake.

The archaeological settlement was declared Kucukcekmece as a nature reserve area in 2001.

It is believed that many of the discovered artifacts on the city border belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Kucukcekmece has kept its importance after it was curbed by the Ottoman Empire, and it is certain that Sultan Suleiman did his best to raise the area.

since its foundation in 1987, Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Küçükçekmece Kaymakamlığı (Kucukcekmece Area Administration) has worked on many issues in cooperation with organizations and NGOs.

Such as disability, education, elderly problems, homelessness, diseases, and poverty.

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Geographical features of Kucukcekmece

It has an area of about 37.75 km2 and a circumference of 47.33 km with a population of 792,821 people.

It has a wonderful and strategic location, including its view of the European side of the Marmara Sea.

As for shopping, Kucukcekmece includes a large group of malls such as Armani Park Mall, and Mall of Istanbul.

Mehmet Arsay Museum of Classic Cars is a famous place in Kucukcekmece, where you can find cars with more than 120 years old.

If you go to visit Kucukcekmece Lake, you can stop at Garip Dede Turbesi, it is a high grave located next to the lake.

Transportation in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul

The accessibility of the transportation in the area is what matters the most to people when they choose where to live.

Kucukcekmece includes a metro station that connects it to the Asian side of Istanbul, and connects it to the new Istanbul airport.

It is located on the Catalca Peninsula, and also on the E80 and D100 highways, which reach it to Europe.

It is 17 km from the city center, and Istanbul Airport, which is One of the most important airports in the world, is 28 km from the city center.

Kucukcekmece and Istanbul Canal Road

Over the past ten years, this area witnessed modernization, transportation planning, shopping, education and health facilities.

But the interest in Real estate shifted to Kucukcekmece when the Turkish government announced that the planned Istanbul Canal route will begin there.

The plan consists of building a new canal road to separate European Istanbul into an island.

Starting from Kucukcekmece, the 45-kilometre canal will go north through the Sazlidere and Durusu Corridor.

This will end in 2023, and this project has attracted many investors to look for Real estate opportunities in this area.

Buying Real estate in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul

Kucukcekmece has become more crowded, which led to be commercial and urban area.

You can check our modern Real estate projects and housing estates bellow.

Kucukcekmece region has what makes it one of the best places in Turkey for Real estate investment.

The projects of Kucukcekmece are distinguished by their luxury design and stunning views.

A list for Kucukcekmece Real estate projects

Adres Atakent Evleri project

Adres Atakent Evleri

It is located in the center of Istanbul in Atakent, one of the most developed places in Istanbul.

The project is near the two main roads, the E5 road and the BassinExpres road, which connects Ataturk Airport with the main roads.

It has an area of 22,000 square meters, and has green spaces at a rate of 60%.

It consists of 5 towers with a total number of 391 apartments, with styles of 1 + 2 / 1 + 3 / 1 + 4.

About its features, it has a swimming pool, sauna, gym, private parking, and the smart home technologies.

Facilities near the project:

  • Halkalı metro station is 10 minutes away.
  • Mehmet Akif metro station is 15 minutes away.
  • Sabahttin Zaim University is 3 minutes away.
  • Armoni Mall is 11 minutes away.
  • Mall 212 is 5 minutes away.

The areas and the prices of the apartments for this project:

  • Area of 110 square meters / 1-2 bathrooms / style 2+1 / price 180 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 145 square meters / 2 bathrooms / style 3+1 / price 196 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 183 square meters / 2 bathrooms / style 4+1 / price 284 thousand dollars.

Fortis Istanbul project


It is based on an area of 9,300 square meters, with modern designs and heights of up to 15 floors, including 705 residential apartments, and 21 commercial stores.

There are 4 universities near the project, including Sabahttin Zaim University, Arel University and Aydin University.

Facilities near the project:

  • Metro station is 10 minutes away.
  • Sabahattin Zaim University is 10 minutes away.
  • Arel University is 10 minutes away.
  • The metrobus is 10 minutes away.
  • CNR Fairgrounds is 15 minutes away.
  • The new airport is 40 minutes away.

Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4 project

Avrupa Konutları Atakent 4

It is based on a land area of 51433 square meters and consists of three sections, with apartment styles ranging from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1.

Facilities near the project:

  • Metrobus is 10 minutes away.
  • Metro is 5 minutes away.
  • Marmaray metro is 10 minutes away.
  • International Schools are 15 minutes away.
  • Universities are 5 minutes away.
  • Hospital are 10 minutes away.
  • Malls are 10 minutes away.
  • The New Airport is 40 minutes away.

The areas and the prices of the apartments for this project:

  • Area of 70 square meters / 1 bathrooms / style 1+1 / price 109 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 102 square meters / 2 bathrooms / style 2+1 / price 148 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 161 square meters / 2 bathrooms / style 3+1 / price 237 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 198 square meters / 2 bathrooms / style 4+1 / price 313,500 thousand dollars.
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