West Marina Istanbul | The Best Place to Invest

West Marina Istanbul The Best Place to Invest

West Marina Istanbul is a luxury waterfront development overlooking the Marmara Sea in Istanbul Sea Port. In recent years, it has been redeveloped into an area of high-rise buildings and luxury apartments. In this article, we will draw your attention to Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina, the port of Istanbul Turkey, and how this project has transformed Istanbul’s economy, its social impact, and its future outlook.

The west marina offers unique experiences and amenities for those who want to enjoy Istanbul’s lifestyle. It has a variety of restaurants, cafes, clubs, and shops to cater for all tastes and budgets.

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Learn about The Port of Istanbul | West Marina Istanbul

Learn about The Port of Istanbul West Marina Istanbul
Learn about The Port of Istanbul West Marina Istanbul

The marina in general is a port for yachts and small tourist boats, and is not used to receive large ships. All the sea ports in Istanbul Turkey provide high-quality services in all fields, especially boat maintenance, in addition to social services such as cafes, gyms, etc.

West Marina Istanbul is ready to receive yachts from all over the world and is located on the European side of Istanbul, close to the city center.

Marina West Istanbul has an elevator with a capacity of 75 tons, and a travel elevator with a capacity of 700 tons for all types of yachts.

The Marina West Istanbul is considered the first marina in Istanbul and the Marmara Sea with a customs gate.

In West Marina Istanbul, boats can benefit from the maintenance services, shopping malls and restaurants, which qualified the Marina West Istanbul to obtain the Blue Flag for the years 2014 to 2018.

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What is Istanbul Sea Port?

Istanbul Sea Port is one of the most famous ports for public welfare. It was opened in 2012, and it has a capacity of 600 boats, in addition to a parking lot for 500 cars.

Its water depth was estimated to be between 3.5 and 7 meters. Istanbul Sea Port is available for electrical connection of various powers. It also has fresh water, TV, and internet.

Moreover, the port of Istanbul Turkey has facilities for showering, washing clothes and dishes, and it has a swimming pool.

West Marina Istanbul attracts visitors with its shops, offices, restaurants, cafes, supermarket, yacht market, yacht club, swimming pool and its private beach.

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Location of West Marina Istanbul

Location of West Marina Istanbul
Location of West Marina Istanbul

West Marina Istanbul is located in Beylikduzu district on the west coast of Istanbul, and exactly in the Yakuplu area, which is one of the few areas in Istanbul that offers many alternative entry options.

Istanbul West Marina is 17 km from Ataturk International Airport, and 7 km from Avcilar Ferry Pier. It is very easy to reach Yakuplu with the fast sea ferry that passes around Besiktas, Fatih and the Asian side as well as the roads of E5 and E6.

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The Importance of Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina

Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina offers a modern, high-quality marina that can accommodate 600 yachts in its waters and 300 on land, as well as the first application of the racking system in Turkey.

Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina attracts yachtsmen and visitors from all over the world with its qualified technical services as well as social and sport facilities.

Marina West Istanbul also offers a unique accommodation opportunity for those who dream of a natural life with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Fuel service, maintenance services, swimming pool, beach club, health units, internet service, shops, restaurants, cafes, grocery, yacht market, yacht club, sailing club, car park, all are high quality services provided by the West Marina Istanbul.

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The Effects of Istanbul West Marina on Tourism in Beylikduzu District

The opening of Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina has had a positive effect on tourism in Beylikduzu district. It has increased numbers of tourists and is now one of the most popular destinations in Turkey.

Istanbul West Marina is set to become a living center in close contact with the sea in the western side of Istanbul due to social facilities and water sports, in addition to being a new destination and mooring point for yachts.

West Marina Istanbul is not just a marina, but a lifestyle with shopping malls, restaurants, beach and sport facilities.

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The Effects of Beylikduzu West Marina Istanbul on Trade

West Marina Istanbul is located in a very active area, where you can find shopping centers (Marmara Park, Istanbul Outlet Park), Aqua Marine Water Park (the largest water park in Istanbul with a large pool of 4500 square meters and water-skiing Along the Marmara Sea), Istanbul Aquarium, and Florya Kultur Park.

Here are some of the prestigious services that Marina West Istanbul provides:

  • Health services: health center, clinic, first aid and doctor
  • Social and sport services: yacht club, beach, restaurant, sailing school, poolside cafe, tennis and volleyball courts.
  • Shopping and entertainment: supermarket, stores, restaurants, cafes, car rental office, ATM points.

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The Impact of West Marina Istanbul on Real Estate Investment

The importance of West Marina Istanbul in terms of real estate investment cannot be understated. It will provide investors with an opportunity to invest in a prime location, as well as providing them with access to high-end amenities and services.

West Marina Istanbul is a luxurious place that has all the basics of high-end life and luxury services. Thus, the high demand for buying real estate in Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina has increased the prices in this area.

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The Breathtaking View of Istanbul Sea Port on The Sea of Marmara

The Port of Istanbul Turkey has been a source of inspiration for artists for centuries. It is one of the most scenic and beautiful places in Istanbul that overlooks the Sea of Marmara.

Additionally, The Port of Istanbul Turkey provides the visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful nature that will not be in other places.

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List of Sea Ports in Istanbul Turkey

List of Sea Ports in Istanbul Turkey
List of Sea Ports in Istanbul Turkey

Here are some of the sea ports in Istanbul Turkey:

Atakoy Istanbul Port

One of the most important and oldest sea ports in Istanbul Turkey with 5 Golden Anchor awards. It is located only 7 kilometers from Ataturk Airport, which will be the largest national park in Turkey.

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Atakoy Istanbul Port Location

Marina Atakoy is located on the European coast of Istanbul on the Sea of Marmara, and is a unique location for those wishing to visit the most popular historical attractions.

Because it was so successful, countries along the Black Sea coast, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, began to prepare the necessary infrastructure for yachting tourism.

Atakoy Istanbul Port is a natural stop for yachts coming to Istanbul to visit the coasts of these countries and is the most suitable destination for winter days.

Atakoy Istanbul Port can easily accommodate many specially designed and exclusive boats with its mega yacht harbor which has the capacity to host 232 yachts from 25 m to 100 m at the same time.

With this harbor, boats will have the opportunity to spend their winter time in Istanbul and all kinds of maintenance and repair services will be provided.

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The Impact of Atakoy Istanbul Port on Real Estate Investment

The well-known impact of the sea ports in Istanbul Turkey is not different from each other, and wherever it is located, real estate investors appear to open their future projects in such vital areas like the sea ports in Istanbul Turkey.

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Marinturk Istanbul Port

Marinturk is one of the newest sea ports in Istanbul, Turkey. It was recently opened, with a water capacity of 220 boats and dry mooring of 200 boats.

This Istanbul port has water, electricity, cable TV, wireless internet connections, sewage and waste water services. All kinds of supplies are available in Marinturk Istanbul Port, as well as facilities for people with special needs.

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Eminonu Istanbul Port

Eminonu Istanbul Port is located in the Eminonu district, which is famous for its tourist and historical attractions and popular markets, such as the Egyptian market and Mahmutpasa market.

It is one of the most famous tourist centers in Istanbul, known for its diversity of trips, the most famous of which is the magnificent Bosphorus cruise.

So that it is possible to pass through the area of the Golden Horn, and during the way, the most important tourist attractions of Istanbul can be seen from both banks.

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Eminonu Istanbul Port Location

The Eminonu district of Istanbul is considered one of the most amazing tourist areas that receives huge numbers of tourists daily because of its vital location in the heart of Istanbul.

It includes many historical and tourist attractions, including Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and Gulhane Park.

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The Impact of Eminonu Istanbul Port on Real Estate Investment

As it is not only limited to providing boat trips from it to all parts of Istanbul, it is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, suitable for spending some fun time. Thus, real estate investment in this area has been a favorite choice for foreign investors.

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What is the Importance of The Sea Ports in Istanbul Turkey?

Turkey’s important geographical location, southeast of the European continent and southwest of Asia, makes it a bridge to various countries in the Middle East and Europe.

It is surrounded by three vital water bodies, the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea. It overlooks the most important straits in the world, such as the Bosphorus.

Because of the importance of its strategic location, Turkey is today considered the first destination for different commercial activities, between the industrial and commercial sectors, and even the real estate market in Turkey.

Investors are now interested in buying apartments in Istanbul because it has recently become a commercial center and a meeting place for local and foreign businessmen.

And due to the importance of Turkey’s geographical location, many commercial sea ports have been built in vital locations, in order to meet the needs of commercial work and achieve an excellent leap in the Turkish economy.

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How Does West Marina Istanbul Affect Beylikduzu Real Estate?

West Marina is a large-scale urban development project initiated by the Turkish government. Its construction has led to a huge increase in real estate prices in this area.

Just as the rest of the ports affect its surroundings positively, West Marina Istanbul is a key factor for the boom of the real estate market in the famous Beylikduzu area, where there are high-quality housing projects with high-end services.

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Apartments for sale Near Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina

Apartments for sale Near Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina
Apartments for sale Near Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina

Here is a splendid example of apartments for sale near Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina:

Deniz Istanbul Project

Deniz Istanbul is one of the luxurious projects on the European side of Istanbul, in Beylikduzu district, and opposite to West Marina Istanbul. It is suitable for the conditions of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The project includes a wide range of properties, including apartments, stores, and villas. So, whatever your request is, you will surely find it in Deniz Istanbul.

For more details about Deniz Istanbul, click here.

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FAQs on West Marina Istanbul

  1. Where is Istanbul West Marina located?

    Istanbul West Marina is located in Beylikduzu district on the European side of Istanbul.

  2. Are Beylikduzu apartments near the port of Istanbul Turkey suitable for Turkish citizenship?

    Yes, most of the apartments in Beylikduzu district near the port of Istanbul Turkey are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

  3. How many ports are there in Turkey?

    There are 7 ports in Turkey.

  4. How large is the Marina West Istanbul?

    The Marina West Istanbul has 600 berths.

  5. What is the importance of Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina?

    Beylikduzu West Istanbul Marina is one of the most famous ports in Istanbul. It includes many facilities for locals and investors, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, sports, and beach. Thus, it has a positive impact on tourism, trade, and investment sectors.

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