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Bagcilar is a unique area in Istanbul with a demographic and mosaic structure, it covers an area of about 22 km.

Many people from different backgrounds meet in Bagcilar, and it became one of the most crowded areas in Istanbul with a population of 750 thousand people.

Before the 1980s, Bagcilar was a small village and the housing was out of control and illegal.

After a long time, the investment was obtained and the local council started working to improve the area in many fields.

Bagcilar now has a large market for used vehicles, transportation companies, textile factories, and the biggest newspapers and TV channels.

Bagcilar is closely connected to the city center as two advanced transportation lines including subway and tramway pass through them.

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Bagcilar location (Istanbul-Turkey)

Bagcilar is located in the heart of the European Side in Istanbul, it is also surrounded by Basaksehir, Kucukcekmece, Bahcelievler regions.

It is in direct access with the E80 highway and the E5 road, which made it easy to reach.

Facilities close to Bagcilar

  • Istanbul New Airport is 35 km away.
  • Al-Fateh is 17 km away.
  • Taksim Square is 22 km away.
  • Eurasia Tunnel is 17 km away.

Developed services and centers in Bagcilar

Bagcilar investment
Bagcilar investment

The Real estate market in Bagcilar is rich with many residential and investing projects for many reasons.

Bagcilar really undergoes dramatic development in the residential and commercial construction, as it has been equipped with huge numbers of infrastructures.

It is full of universities, hospitals, hotels, commercial centers, Malls, restaurants, and a number of entertainment places.

Bagcilar includes a transportation system that described as the largest in Istanbul, where a number of metros pass through its neighborhoods.

In addition to a large number of buses and tramways that provide access to all areas in Istanbul.

Shopping malls in Bagcilar

Bagcilar is one of the most important areas that you can go to for shopping. There are many shopping Malls in Bagcilar:

  • Gunesli Shopping Center, which located in the Gunesli area, one of the highlighted neighborhoods in Bagcilar.
  • The 212 Istanbul Outlet Mall in Mahmutbey area, one of the largest shopping centers in the region.

Education and culture in Bagcilar

education in Bagcilar

The municipality of Bagcilar gave a special attention to education and has established many public schools and universities.

There are 206 primary, middle, and secondary schools which have the best cadres with perfect education in Bagcilar.

Additionally, a public library was with a capacity of 3,068 books in Mahmutbey-Bagcilar, and 16 information centers which can support the education of children aged between 8 and 14 years.

Health sector in Bagcilar

Bagcilar Governmental Hospital is a huge hospital that includes most of the specialties. It is also a research and training center.

The hospital includes many specialties such as, Emergency Medicine, Oral and Dental Health, Anesthesia, Neurosurgery and Surgery, Biochemistry, Pediatric Surgery, Kidney Diseases in Children.

Otolaryngology, microbiology, nephrology, neuroscience, oncology, orthopedics, pathology, psychiatry, radiation oncology, radiology, urology, critical care and other specialists for all ages.

Buying Real estate in Bagcilar-Turkey

Bagcilar Real estate Turkey

The favorable land prices attract investors to invest in Bagcilar, and it has many apartments and homes for sale.

You can find Real estate in Bagcilar-Turkey with high standards and in an ideal location that will meet your expectations.

Bagcilar has a variety of Real estate options, whether for investing or housing.

Moreover, the location is very important when you are looking for a good property in Istanbul.

We understand the importance of the decision to choose the location for investment, that’s why we have “The investment in Turkey” page to help you find any information related to the investment in Turkey.

Lale group have many Real estate projects in various regions, especially in the European side regions.

Your dream starts from Bagcilar, and Lale Real Estate Group offer the best Real estate advice to help you reach what you want.

The best reasons why to invest in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for investment because of its geographical, social, cultural and economic location.

Here are the reasons why we recommend you to invest in Turkey:

  1. Turkish citizenship

Turkey offers a citizenship investment program that enables you to obtain a Turkish passport, with the right to live, work and enjoy easy access to the Schengen countries by investing in Turkish Real estate.

  1. Strategic location

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world, it enjoys a strategic location that is in a commercial position to Asia, Europe and Africa.

  1. Properties prices and low bills

Corporate income tax has been reduced from 33% to 22% in 2018, and foreign investors may be fully or partially exempted from this tax in some special cases.

  1. Young people

The number of young people in Turkey is very large compared to European countries, and the youth category is important for investors who come for Real estate investment and business purposes.

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