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Lale Real Estate Group offers a variety of distinguished services

Real estate advisory service
Since the establishment of our company, we have aimed to provide our cadres and real estate advisors with the best standards to be ready to provide the best real estate advisory services, so don't miss the opportunity to book a free real estate advisory appointment for you.
Visiting real estate projects
Our services don't stop only to present exclusive offers. Rather, we organize pre-planned visits to construction locations and showrooms where you can meet directly with the sales team to get the latest details and developments related to your investment and the progress of work construction.
Citizenship by Real Estate investment
Lale Real Estate Group helps you with its real estate experts and specialists in Turkish legal affairs, and with the correct investment decision to buy the best real estate that qualifies you to obtain the Turkish citizenship.

Featured Projects

The most important investment and residential projects in Istanbul, Turkey

Steps To Own A Real Estate With Lale Group

Consolidation real estate understanding
We make sure through a discussion session that the customer has understood all the investment and housing process in Istanbul
Choose the standards of the required real estate
Whether it is residential or investment, by browsing more than 150 real estate projects in the office and selecting the budget, style and region
A site visit to real estate projects
The visit to projects is not random, but rather comes after the real estate understanding and after identifying investment or residential projects from the map)
Real estate comparisons report
After surveying the selected offers carefully, we present a detailed list in which we compare the selected real estate in terms of price per square meter, rent, views, features, etc.

The New Real Estate Blogs

Real estate news and the economy in Turkey, the latest information, projects and regions, all this and more, you can find on our blog. We wish you a pleasant reading

Meet Our Experts

Get to know Lale group committee to open the doors of your dreams.

Yasser Qaqaa

Yasser Qaqaa

Founder and CEO

From a humble beginning in the world of investment in Turkey to a Turkish market advisor. I believe in the principle of investing in minds and sharing to increase profit. "Life is not built with jelly men."

Mohammad Mhiemied

Mohammad Mhiemied

Marketing Manager

I am not only trying to market real estate, but I also silently understand those around me because real estate can't make a human!

Firas Tanoura

Firas Tanoura

Customer Service Manager

Business administration is not just about building companies, but rather about building relationships and partnerships with successful partners.

Ibrahim Zater

Ibrahim Zater

Sales manager

Civil engineer/Seismologist and real estate consultant certified by the Turkish government.

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