Taksim Istanbul for the meaning of luxury living

Taksim Istanbul for the meaning of luxury living

Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı) is considered as the heart of Istanbul, and one of the most famous and vital squares in Turkey.

The word “Taksim” means division, and this was suggested by Sultan Ahmet I, who wanted to divide the area where he built his palace into two parts.

Taksim Square is a popular tourist destination, as people come to Taksim for sightseeing, shopping, dining, and nightlife.

All of which are located nearby, and that’s what encourages tourists to visit Taksim at most.

This area turned into a commercial tourist center and could be the most beautiful part in Turkey.

It hosts many important monuments and institutions including İstiklal Avenue, Atatürk Cultural Center, Taksim Mosque, Republic Monument and Gezi Park.

There are many activities you can do in Taksim Square, and many famous places you can visit.

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Historical places and landmarks in Taksim Istanbul

Historical places in Taksim Istanbul
Historical places in Taksim Istanbul

Taksim Square has many historical places that can be visited to learn about Turkish culture and history.

Republic Monument

Turkey became a republic in 1923, and for this occasion, a monument was placed in the center of the square.

The monument was made by Pietro Canonica, the Italian sculptor who breathed life into the figures of the Turkish War of Independence, including its leaders such as Ismet Inonu and Ataturk.

Istanbul Metro (M2)

It is one of the most important public transportation systems in Istanbul.

Istanbul Metro is the second metro line in Istanbul. It has 16 stations with a length of 23.5 kilometers.

Ataturk Cultural Center (AKM)

You can go and visit the architecturally Atatürk Kultur Merkezi Opera and Cultural Center which has hosted local performing arts and music greats such as the Turkish Classical Music Choir, Turkish State Opera and Ballet and Modern Folk Music Ensemble.

It provides opportunities for people from all over the world to come together at this one location and learn something new about Turkey culture through performances or exhibitions.

Taksim Mosque

It is a large mosque that has three floors and can accommodate 3000 worshipers.

It is located near Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church in Istiklal street.

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Top tourists’ attractions and landmarke in Taksim Istanbul

Top tourists' attractions in Taksim Istanbul
Top tourists’ attractions in Taksim Istanbul

Flower passage (Çiçek Pasajı)

This name came after the Russian Revolution in 1917, where many poor women sold flowers in that time.

It is located in Istiklal street in Beyoğlu, and it connects Istiklal Street with Sahne Street.

You can come to this place and have a great meal in a lovely restaurant or café that has a wonderful view.

Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church

It is the largest Orthodox church in Turkey, that was built in 1880.

It was a cemetery and mosque for the Greeks before building it, and it is the first church to be built in Turkey after the collapse of Constantinople.

Galata Bridge

You can have a beautiful experience in this bridge, as you can walk or take a boat to watch the passenger boats on the Bosphorus.

Galata tower

The tower is designed as a museum, and this will let you enjoy your time by taking a tour with your family.

Golden Horn

The horn has seen many dramatic historical events and has been portrayed in several works of art during its history.

As a visitor to the Golden Horn, we advise you to take a ferry cruise and enjoy your tour with a great sunset view.

It also provides breathtaking views of many famous and historical places in Istanbul.

Pandora Bookshop

If you would love to read about Istanbul history, you can come to this bookshop and have a great experience with reading.

Books in this shop are in Turkish and English languages, so if you do not understand Turkish language, there is another option.

The most famous street in Istanbul, Istiklal Street

The most famous street in Istanbul, Istiklal Street
The most famous street in Istanbul, Istiklal Street

This well-known street extends from Taksim Square to Galata Tower, and there is no tourist visit Istanbul without coming to this street.

There are more than three million people pass through the street every day, it has been a focus of attention for many international tourists.

Visiting this amazing street will offer you a great experience to see yourself in a vital street that is full of many interesting activities.

Anything that comes to your mind will be in this street, as there are many famous restaurants, cafes, shops, bookshops, and many different stores in Istiklal Street.

Of course, after a long tour in Istiklal Street, you will need to have a delicious meal to continue your beautiful trip.

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Here are some of the top famous restaurants in Istiklal Street

Here are some of the top famous restaurants in Istiklal Street
Here are some of the top famous restaurants in Istiklal Street

Hatay Medeniyetler Restaurant Taksim

It is one of the well-known restaurants in Taksim, that many celebrities visit it for its international fame.

There are many delicious dishes in the restaurant that delivered by the famous chef “Burak Ozdemir.”

Tarihi Sultanahmet Koftecisi Restaurant Taksim

It is one of the best restaurants that offer many dishes including grilled meat.

Sesme Bazlama Kovalte Nisantasi Restaurant Taksim

It is a famous restaurant in Taksim that has a breathtaking view of the Bosphorus.

360 Istanbul Restaurant Taksim

It is located inside an old building that goes back to 19th century.

You will enjoy eating your delicious dish with a unique view, where you feel yourself in another world.

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Top-notch hotels in Taksim Istanbul

Top-notch hotels in Taksim Istanbul
Top-notch hotels in Taksim Istanbul

Taksim area is distinguished by its high-end hotels, that vary in prices according to the location and services.

Point Hotel Taksim

The hotel is 600 meters from Taksim, and it has stunning views with various facilities.

Divan Hotel Taksim

It has an elegance design that attracts visitors to book a room in it, it also offers many useful services and places for entertainment.

Icon Hotel Istanbul Taksim

It is located in Taksim near Galata Tower, and it is a great choice for tourists.

‬Elite World Istanbul Hotel Taksim

A five-star hotel that offers various and comfortable services. It has a strategic location that is 450 meters from Taksim Square.

The Parma Hotel Taksim

This hotel provides you an amazing choice for residence in Taksim-Istanbul.

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How to reach Taksim Square easily?

How to reach Taksim Square easily
How to reach Taksim Square easily

The easiest way to get to Taksim is via public buses or railway from Karakoy or Kabatas.

You can go by the funicular from Karakoy to Tunel and then walk through Istiklal Street

Or take the funicular from Kabatas to Taksim, and from Sultanahmet take the Bagcilar-Kabatas Tram (T1 line) to reach Kabatas.

And if you are staying at Taksim hotels, you can easily walk to Taksim Square and reach it quickly.

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