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Bakirkoy it is one of the most important municipalities in Istanbul, which is located in the center of the European side.

Bakirkoy is located between the E5 highway, which is the main transportation route in Istanbul, and the Marmara Sea coast road.

It includes a number of famous neighborhoods such as Florya, Atakoy, Marina, Yesilyurt and Yesilkoy.

It is bounded to the east by Zeytinburnu, to the west by Kucukcekmece, to the north by Bahcelievler, and to the south by the Marmara Sea.

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Transportation in Bakirkoy-Istanbul

Bakirkoy has a large transportation network such as, the Marmara metro line that connects the Asian and the European sides of Istanbul.

There is also a tramway and a lot of buses that go to Taksim, Sisli and other areas.

The new Istanbul Airport (IST) is located in the northeastern part of Istanbul in the Arnavutkoy area, near the coast of the Black Sea.

The distance from IST to Bakirkoy is about 44 km. It takes about 90 minutes to reach Bakirkoy from the airport.

You can travel between the new Istanbul Airport (IST) and Bakirkoy directly by HAVAIST airport, by taxi or by private shuttles.

The basic services and necessities in Bakirkoy-Istanbul

The population of Bakirkoy is almost 226,229 thousand people, according to the data of Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu (TUİK) “The Turkish Statistical Institute”.

Bakirkoy is considered as the sixth province with the less population in Istanbul.

It gives a great attention to education, and there are many public and private schools in the area.

There is also religious diversity among Bakirkoy residents, as there are 2 Armenian chapels, 2 Roman churches, 2 Sumerian churches, and 24 mosques in the area.

Also, many hospitals provide great health care to the citizens of the province, with high quality service.

There are 10 hospitals, 4 of them are government hospitals and 6 of them belong to the private sector.

In addition to many institutions such as the Tuberculosis Clinic, Maternal and Child Health Care, Planned Parenthood Center, and Youth Health Services Center.

Famous places and facilities in Bakirkoy-Istanbul

Bakirkoy has an area of 32 square kilometers, and it has many famous places that distinguishes it, such as Ataturk International Airport, which will turn into a largest park that locates in Europe.

It is a high-end area in Istanbul that contains many commercial centers and markets.

  • Galleria Atakoy Mall

It is the first modern shopping mall in Turkey, that includes a variety of stores, such as international fashion brands, cinemas, restaurants, ice rinks, business services and conference rooms under one roof.

  • Atakoy

It is one of the largest and oldest residential neighborhoods in Istanbul. It is created for the middle class in Bakiroky.

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel

It is a 5-star hotel that located in Bakiroky. It has 298 rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, sauna and tennis courts.

  • Holiday Inn Marina Hotel

It is a 4-star hotel that has 173 rooms, a restaurant and an outdoor pool, and there are currently four 18-storey hotels planned in the compound.

  • The Atakoy Marina

It is considered as the first commercial marina in Turkey. It is famous for its excellent facilities and services.

Real estate investment in Bakirkoy-Turkey

The municipality of Bakiroky is much larger than the other European side areas, and also includes many neighborhoods.

Bakirkoy is an important and developed shopping and commercial center that attract many tourists and foreign visitors.

Therefore, it has a bright economic future, as it is a seaside area located in the center of Istanbul and has a large transportation network.

All these features encouraged the Turkish government to establish more residential properties designed in the highest style to attract investors.

Economists expect that Real estate investment will increase in this region in the near future.

As everyone tends to buy apartments and Real estate to rent it later and benefit from its financial returns or sell it at a high price.

Here is a list of the best Real estate projects in Bakiroky-Turkey

Rout Istanbul project

Rout Istanbul

It is located in a strategic location in Bakirkoy, it is 10 minutes away from the TEM highway and 5 minutes from the coastal road.

The construction area of the project is 8190 square meters, and it consists of 2 towers with a height of 16 floors for each tower.

The number of apartments is 302, and styles ranging from 1+1 to 2+1, with private balconies for each apartment.

Facilities near the project:

  • Metrobus is 3 min away.
  • Metro is 4 min away.
  • İstanbul Kultur University is 1 min away.
  • The City center is 15 minutes away.
  • The New airport is 35 minutes away.
  • Marmara Sea is 5 minutes away.

The areas and the prices of the apartments for this project:

  • Area of 75 square meters / 1 bathrooms / style 1+1 / price 133 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 120 square meters / 1 bathrooms / style 2+1 / price 200 thousand dollars.

34 PRUVA project


It is located near Ataturk Airport and the E5 highway, which connects the European and Asian sides of the city.

The project is based on an area of 62,373 square meters, with green spaces cover approximately 50% of the project area.

The project consists of 10 towers overlooking the Marmara Sea, and there are two buildings that are 5-star hotels with separate entrances.

There is a tower with apartments ranging from 1+1 to 2+1 for multiple uses as hotel apartments and offices.

This means that these apartments are investment ones, and it is a great chance to invest in them.

Also, one of the most important features of this project is the Smart Home system, which provides easy remote control of the apartment.

Facilities near the project:

  • Coastal highway is 1 minutes away.
  • The New Airport is 45 minutes away.
  • The highway E5 minutes away.
  • The City Center is 15 minutes away.

The areas and the prices of the apartments for this project:

  • Area of 85 square meters / 1 bathrooms / style 1+1 / price 395 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 147 square meters / 2 bathrooms / style 2+1 / price 560 thousand dollars.
  • Area of 290 square meters / 5 bathrooms / style 4+1 / price 1,600,000 dollars.
  • Area of 373 square meters / 5 bathrooms / style 5+1 / price 2,050,000 dollars.
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