What Makes Tarabya Istanbul Different From Other Districts?

What Makes Tarabya Istanbul Different From Other Districts

This article will be a full guide to the wonderful Tarabya district, Tarabya Istanbul map, reasons to buy property for sale in Istanbul Tarabya, and a list of the best apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul.

Tarabya district is characterized by its charming views of the Bosphorus, its fantastic nature, its countless amazing parks and its commercial centers, as it is one of the best tourist areas in Istanbul.

Tarabya Istanbul overlooking the coast of the Bosphorus, administratively affiliated to the historical Sariyer district and located on the European side, close to the famous Belgrade forests.

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Tarabya Istanbul Map

Tarabya Istanbul map is about 28 km north of Istanbul, overlooking the coast of the Bosphorus Strait that connects between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Thus, Tarabya Istanbul map is on the European side of Turkey and close to the Belgrade forests, which are 20 km away from Istanbul, and one of the largest natural areas of Istanbul.

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The Strategic Location of Tarabya Area Istanbul

Tarabya Istanbul map in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul in the Sariyer district, overlooking the quiet northern side of Istanbul on the coast of the Bosphorus, has encouraged many foreign investors to choose the apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul.

As the location plays an essential role in real estate investment in Turkey, the property for sale in Istanbul Tarabya can be an excellent choice for investment.

You can reach Tarabya Istanbul map via the road that passes through Buyked district to Kilyos.

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The Population of Tarabya District in Istanbul

The population of Tarabya area Istanbul is about 17,887 people, while the population of Sariyer district is about 349,968 people.

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Best Services of Tarabya Neighborhood Istanbul

Tarabya neighborhood Istanbul is one of the most charming areas and is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul.

There are many excellent services in Tarabya area Istanbul, including transportation, restaurants and cafes with distinctive services, and you can also enjoy a cruise in the Bosphorus Strait using boats or yachts.

You will find many summer apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul with charming views of the amazing nature.

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Top Tourist Places in Istanbul Tarabya District

Among the best tourist places in Istanbul Tarabya district are:

  • Haydar Aliyev cruise port
  • Tarabya Istanbul Hotels
  • Kids’ Park
  • Camlik Erguvan Park
  • France Park
  • Kerig Borno Summer Park
  • Restaurants in Tarabya Istanbul

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Istanbul Tarabya Beach

Tarabya area Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist places in Turkey. The beach and cost of Tarabya Istanbul are located along the Bosphorus Strait.

There are many amazing places that you can visit, but Istanbul Tarabya Beach is the best place to start your journey in the Tarabya area Istanbul.

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Haydar Aliyev Cruise Port

Heydar Aliyev Port is one of the most beautiful natural attractions that tourists go to when they visit Tarabya district in Istanbul with the aim of enjoying a cruise on the Bosphorus.

You can also catch marine fish and have a good time by having a barbecue meal on the Istanbul Tarabya beach with your family, friends and loved ones.

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France Park

One of the most amazing nature parks in Tarabya neighborhood Istanbul, which has green spaces on an area of 57 square meter and is characterized by its clear lakes over which many birds fly.

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Kids’ Park

One of the most popular recreational and educational areas in Tarabya area Istanbul, which distinguishes Istanbul from any cities that lack such family parks.

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Camlik Erguvan Tepe Park

Camlik Erguvan Park is located on Camlica Hill, one of the seven hills that border Istanbul, with a height of 267 meters above sea level. It is distinguished by its distinctive views of the Bosphorus Strait.

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Best Restaurants of Istanbul Tarabya District

A list of the best restaurants in Istanbul Tarabya district:

Big Chefs Istanbul Restaurant

Big Chefs Restaurant is a good destination for vegetarian food lovers, it offers many foods that depend mainly on vegetables and with various Turkish and European recipes of vegetables and healthy dishes.

So, if you are looking for the best restaurants that offer delicious vegetarian and seafood foods in Tarabya neighborhood Istanbul, don’t miss the chance of trying the Big Chefs restaurant.

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Istanbul Tarabya Balik Restaurant

One of the most popular Turkish restaurants in Tarabya Istanbul, it is distinguished by its strategic location and distinguished services.

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Kiyi Restaurant

Kiyi Restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Tarabya Istanbul. It is an ideal option for tourists who want to taste delicious seafood and enjoy the wonderful views.

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Shopping in Tarabya Istanbul

There are a wide number of shopping centers in Tarabya Istanbul, where tourists can buy souvenirs for their family and friends.

Tarabya district in Istanbul also includes many modern shopping centers with the most important international brands of shoes and clothes such as Renthal, Eylul, and Carr.

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The Future of Real Estate Investment in Tarabya Property

If you are planning to enter the Turkish real estate market and achieve a high financial profit, then Tarabya property would be the best option for you.

As there are many types of Tarabya property at affordable prices and convenient installment options.

Furthermore, you will benefit from the after-sales services of buying Tarabya property. For example, you can obtain Turkish citizenship after buying property for sale in Istanbul Tarabya.

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Advantages of Buying Apartments for Sale in Tarabya Istanbul Near The Bosphorus

Advantages of Buying Apartments for Sale in Tarabya Istanbul Near The Bosphorus
Advantages of Buying Apartments for Sale in Tarabya Istanbul Near The Bosphorus

There are many advantages of real estate investment in the apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul, and especially near the Bosphorus, including the highest levels of luxury, the highest investment values, and the highest demand.

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Why to Choose Property for Sale in Istanbul Tarabya?

There are many reasons that make you think about choosing property for sale in Istanbul Tarabya, including:

  • The charming views of the Tarabya district in Istanbul
  • An investment area that overlooks the Bosphorus
  • Good climate
  • The government’s interest in Tarabya Istanbul

Furthermore, the apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul are suitable for housing, as there are many luxury apartments designed to the highest standards in Tarabya Istanbul.

So, if you are looking for an apartment to live in Istanbul, then Tarabya property with their wonderful interior design will surely suit you and your family.

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Is Tarabya Property Suitable for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship?

If you are planning to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are many apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul suitable for the citizenship, where you can apply for the citizenship in exchange for buying real estate in cash or installments.

Here is an example of one of the best properties for sale in Istanbul Tarabya:

Tarabya Istanbul Project

One of the standout projects that offers a variety of apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul is Tarabya Project.

You can obtain Turkish citizenship through investment by purchasing property for sale in Tarabya Istanbul at this project.

For more details about the apartments for sale in Tarabya Istanbul at Tarabya project, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tarabya Neighborhood Istanbul

  1. Where is Tarabya neighborhood Istanbul located?

    Tarabya neighborhood Istanbul is located on the European shore of the Bosphorus, between the districts of Yenikiy and Kirecburnu.

  2. Are Tarabya property suitable for investment?

    Yes, Tarabya property is considered one of the most successful investments in Istanbul, due to its proximity to the Bosphorus, the metro and bus stations.

  3. How far is Tarabya district from Taksim?

    Tarabya is 16.5 km away from Taksim, and the distance between them takes about 57 minutes.

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