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Istanbul contains 39 municipal areas and divides into two sides, the Asian side and the European side. Sisli is one of the most prestigious areas that located on the European side of Istanbul, and includes 25 neighborhoods.

It is located to the east of Besiktas, to the north and the west of Kagithane, and to the south of Beyoglu.

Sisli is the meaning of Turkish culture, where you can find historical museums, churches and mosques.

It is also considered an upmarket area in Istanbul, it is full of luxury Real estate, five-star hotels and shopping malls.

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Activities you can do in Sisli

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is a wonderful shopping center, opened in 2005, which is the largest shopping center in Europe and the second largest in the world.

This mall has more than 300 stores and many restaurants on six impressive floors.

You can do many activities in the mall, you can look at the second largest clock in the world on the rooftop or choose one of the 12 cinemas in the mall to watch a movie.

In addition to the entertainment, many international and local brands are there, so you will surely find what you want.

Sisli has many cultural buildings to host many cultural activities where many tourists can visit and enjoy.

Such as, Harbiye Theatre, Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Center, Radio Istanbul Hall, Ataturk Museum, Kenter Theater, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Eczacibasi Sports Center and Turk Telekom Stadium.

Abdi Ipekci Street, Tesvikiye Street and Vali Konagı Street host expensive shopping brands. While Nisantasi has many Art Nouveau buildings.

Famous places you can visit in Sisli

  • Ataturk Museum (Ataturk Muzesi)

It is located on Halaskargazi Street, it is a three-storey house museum painted with pink color. The founder and first president of the Republic of Turkey “Ataturk” used the house for the first time for storage and housing purposes.

Later, it changed into a museum to display some of Ataturk’s personal belongings and filming his life through historical documents and photos.

you will get a real experience of Ataturk’s life and Turkish history while visiting the museum.

  • Ihlamur Palace (Ihlamur Kasrı)

It is a former Ottoman imperial palace, which is now open as a public museum, and it surrounded by beautiful linden trees.

The interior design of the palaces is influenced by the Western styles, but keeps the Turkish architectural characteristics of the 19th century.

Ihlamur Palace gives you a perfect introduction to history and architecture during the time of Sultan Abdulmecid I.

You can come and enjoy many green spaces and natural views in the palace.

  • Tesvikiye mosuqe (Teşvikiye Cami)

It is located in Teşvikiye, and was built during the era of Sultan Abdulmecid I.

The mosque is famous of its baroque architecture, and includes the elements of the historical European buildings.

It has unique white stone columns at the entrance, and the decorations are about the imperial family that lived there.

  • Istanbul Military Museum (Askerî Müze)

It is located in the Harbiye neighborhood, where the Ottoman Empire Military Academy was, and with a collection of weapons, rifles, artilleries, and other military tools.

The museum records a thousand years of Turkish military history, and includes more than nine thousand exhibits from the Ottoman era until World War I.

  • Cathedral of Saint Esprit (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit)

It is the second largest Roman Catholic church in Istanbul. The Baroque church attracts many tourists.

You can light a candle inside and enjoy the speech given by the priest, or just to enjoy the wonderful art and architecture.

Transportation is Sisli

One of the bridges that connect the two sides of Istanbul together, and is the road for the Ehitler Bridge, which intersects with Buyukdere Street.

Metrobus is one of the most important types of public transportation in Istanbul. Caglayan, Mecidiyekoy, Okmeydanı, Darulaceze-Perpa stations are located in Sisli.

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