Travel for immigration and investing in Turkey

Travel for immigration and investing in Turkey

Turkey attracts many immigrants from the USA, the European countries and Asian countries, such as India, Iran, Pakistan, and China for permanent residence and investment.

If you are interested, this will be your guide for basic facts about living in Turkey and investing in Real estate.

Turkey has made a great leap in investment, economic and political sectors over the past twenty years.

Undoubtedly, Turkey is an attractive country to foreigners who come from several countries to live and invest in Turkey.

It has a unique mixture of Islamic and Western traditions, in addition to the most well-known tourists landmarks in the world.

if you are going to move to Turkey for residence and investment, here are the basic information about this country:

  • The capital: Ankara
  • Time unit: UTC +3
  • Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)
  • Population: 82 million
  • The official language: Turkish language
  • Calling code: +90
  • The emergency number: 112
  • Driving (motor driving): on the right side

Types of Visas to Turkey

Foreign citizens do not need a visa to travel to Turkey for a short period, if the purpose of the visit is related to business activities, sports, tourism, cultural events or for investment, they are free to apply for a tourist visa.

The following are the most common types of visas to visit Turkey

  • Official visa for diplomats moving to Turkey to carry out international missions and implement projects.
  • Student visa is issued to those who move to Turkey for ERASMUS training, AISEC training, language courses or study at a university.
  • Work visa is suitable for those who immigrate to Turkey for the purpose of work or investment.
  • Other types of visas vary in terms of the purposes of the visit ranging from medical treatment to family reunification.

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Buying apartment and rent information for foreigners

Turkey is a popular destination among foreigners who come to buy properties, especially in Istanbul.

The average price per square meter ranges between 320 euros and 2000 euros depending on the region and other reasons.

Some foreigners prefer to rent an apartment when they travel to Turkey for work or investment, a before entering into the details of the investment.

The average cost of renting a 1+1 apartment is between 150 and 300 euros, if you are going to move to Turkey with your family and children, a 3+3 apartment will cost around 250-500 euros per month (prices are not fixed).

Is Turkey a good choice for immigration?

Is Turkey a good choice for immigration
Is Turkey a good choice for immigration

Turkey in general is a comfortable country to live, not only in terms of climatic conditions and friendly people, but also because of the low cost of living and various investment opportunities.

Additionally, the prices of food, basic services, utility bills and accommodation are reasonable.

However, the cost of living in Istanbul and Ankara is higher than other cities, as they are the largest, the most expensive and the most attractive for Real estate investment.

And for employment sector, Turkey’s economy has been characterized by sustainable growth over the past several years, and this helps to provide job opportunities for foreigners in all fields.

Native speakers from the USA, UK, Australia and Canada are also welcomed in Turkey. They can easily immigrate to Turkey and work as teachers of English or other foreign languages.

Although it is not easy to get a work permit to work and invest, highly qualified foreigners will get it easy.

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Education and health in Turkey for foreigners

Public schools in Turkey are free for both citizens and foreigners. Private schools also adhere to the national curriculum, but some offer bilingual education.

Many foreigners who immigrate to Turkey choose international schools for their children that offer British, German and French curricula.

There are many higher education institutions in the major cities of Turkey, and students from different parts of the country usually move to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa to study in universities.

As for the health sector, foreigners who move to Turkey will discover that the health care system in Turkey is different from the European or American system.

Foreigners who have a residence permit valid for at least one year are entitled to apply for a public health insurance.

The quality of public health care services in Turkey varies from city to city, which is why many immigrants who migrate to Turkey usually choose private health care insurance.

Turkey is known as a destination for treatment, as many private clinics in Istanbul and Ankara employ highly qualified doctors.

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How to get a work permit in Turkey?

Foreigners can obtain a work permit by starting a business or invest in a project or put forward investment projects in a legal entity in Turkey, a company or a public institution.

This work permit may last for a maximum period of one year and this period may be extended later through requests of renewal.

A foreigner can get the work permit if he is a shareholder in the business and a director of a Turkish limited company.

Or if he is a board member of a joint stock company in Turkey, it is allowed to get it.

Also, if he has a long-term Turkish residence permit or a work permit previously obtained for 8 years.

Foreigners who are holding a turquoise card can apply for an indefinite work permit.

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey as a foreigner?

How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey as a foreigner
How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey as a foreigner

Foreigners who meet certain conditions according to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection can obtain a residence permit in Turkey.

The residence permit application can be submitted in person by the foreigner, as well as through a work program or by the power of attorney through a lawyer.

Residence permits are issued by the provinces after the approval of the Ministry in Turkey.

There are six types of residence permits for immigration

  • Short-term Turkish residence permit
  • Turkish family residence permit
  • Turkish student residence permit
  • Long-term residence permit
  • Turkish residence permit for humanitarian reasons
  • Residence permit for a victim of human trafficking

Since Turkish short-term, it may be granted to foreigners in the following cases

  • Conducting and establishing a scientific research
  • Owning real estate in Turkey
  • Establishing business contacts
  • Participating in on-the-job training programs
  • Attending educational or similar programs for exchange programs or agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party
  • Residence for tourism purposes in Turkey
  • intending to receive medical treatment
  • A health threat
  • Staying in Turkey at the request or decision of the Turkish judicial or administrative authorities
  • Transferring from a family residence permit
  • Attending a Turkish language acquisition course
  • Foreign spouses and their children and minor children
  • A citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Foreigners who meet the following conditions can obtain a long-term residence permit

  • Continuing the accommodation in Turkey for at least eight years.
  • Not to receive social assistance in the past three years from the specialized directorate.
  • Having a sufficient and stable income to support themselves.
  • Coverage with valid medical insurance.
  • Not to pose a threat to public order, public security or the government in Turkey.

Requirements for immigration to Turkey

The immigration process is governed by rules based on Turkish law, and the following papers and documents are required:

  • A passport
  • Four passport size photos
  • Copies of the following pages of the passport (the page that shows the applicant’s photo, the page stamped in the last entry, and the validity and expiration of the passport)
  • A bank statement or currency exchange receipt certifying an asset of $300 per month
  • Original and copy of the work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (For work purposes)

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