Best 10 villages in Istanbul countryside you must visit

Best 10 villages in Istanbul countryside you must visit

Istanbul has wonderful villages and countryside places that take you away to a world of peace and tranquility.

It is important for us to have a time in countryside places, as we sometimes need to feel this simple life and enjoy it.

There are many beautiful countryside places that should be your first destination when you visit Istanbul countryside:

1- Garipçe Köyü village Istanbul

Garipçe Köyü village Istanbul
Garipçe Köyü village Istanbul

It is the icon of the Sariyer area of Istanbul and one of the most famous tourist attractions in Turkey.

When visitors make the decision to visit the village of Garipce, they go to enjoy its fresh air and wonderful view, as it is one of the eight beautiful and peaceful villages in Sariyer district.

The village is 10 km away from Sariyer, and it is located specifically on the European side of Istanbul.

It contains beautiful landscapes that attract tourists such as, the Rumelihisarı Castle, which overlooks the edge of the Bosphorus, so visitors can enjoy the view of the bridge and the castle together.

Visiting the village at all times of the year gives a feeling of happiness and comfort to the visitor, even if it is in the summer, as it is possible to relax in the waters of the Bosphorus.

On the other hand, some visitors prefer to enjoy the fresh air with a meal of fish in a green environment, as fishing is a source of livelihood for the residents of the village.

It is highly recommended for visitors to buy any of the local meals that are produced in the village because it tastes natural and is completely different from the meals of Istanbul; it can be bought from the markets in the village square.

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2- Taraklı Village

Visitors who love fantasy and romantic stories are recommended to visit the wonderful village of Tarakli, which is located in Sakarya in northwestern of Turkey.

With its stunning landscapes and waterfalls, it allows you to live a unique experience among the arms of nature.

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3- Polonezköy Village Istanbul

Polonezköy Village Istanbul
Polonezköy Village Istanbul

This famous Polish village is located in Istanbul, and it was named by this name because it was a Polish colony on the Ottoman lands in the past, and its residents hold the original Polish citizenship and use the Polish language in their conversations among themselves as an official language for them.

Tourists used to visit it from time to time, until it became one of the most well-known villages in the Istanbul countryside.

Many interesting activities can be done in this village such as, renting horses, walking to see the monuments and attractions of the village, and watching the pictures’ exhibition that display the history of the village.

Visitors can also attend the festivals that take place there, such as the traditional cherry festival and folkloric performances.

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4- Şile Village Istanbul

Şile Village Istanbul
Şile Village Istanbul

Şile is located in Istanbul on the Black Sea coast, and it is one of the most beautiful places to visit, and to have a picnic in its amazing views.

The village is considered a coastal village because it extends over the entire coastal strip. 

Visitors come to the village to explore its historical monuments, rocky islands, and wonderful landscapes.

It is also recommended visiting any restaurant in the village to enjoy a special and different flavor meal.

There are many beaches in Şile, including şile sahil, şile plajlar, and şile aqua beach.

In addition to its quiet beaches, it is possible to relax, swim, play sport, and hiking near them.

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5- Ağva Village Istanbul

Agva is located on the Black Sea coast, near the Kadikoy and Uskudar areas, at a distance of 92 km.

The village has many wonderful places that put it among the top beautiful villages in Turkey.

It is always full of tourists and residents of the city on official holidays, as it allows them to enjoy a unique experience with the wonderful breezes of the Black Sea.

Ağva also has a hidden lake, where visitors can take a boat ride towards the lake, and have a great time with their lovers.

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6- Gölyazı Köy Bursa

Gölyazı Köy Bursa
Gölyazı Köy Bursa

Golyazi Koy “Gölyazı Köy” is one of the most wonderful places that embodies the life of Turkish countryside.

It contains more than 500 Roman houses, these houses have existed for more than 450 years, and they still keep their wonderful appearance.

There are also houses built specifically for tourists to rent, which are made of iron and concrete materials that make them suitable for all seasons of the year.

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7- Kartepe Village Istanbul

Kartepe Village Istanbul
Kartepe Village Istanbul

The word Kartepe means ice peak in Turkish language, and it is really the most beautiful village for trying snow skiing.

It is famous with its heavy snow, which spread in all the village.

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8- Maşukiye Köy

This distinctive village takes its name from the Arabic word (Maşuk), and it is located north of the famous Sapanca Lake, which is one of the best attractions in Istanbul.

And if you are a fish person, you can enjoy eating fish meals in the restaurants in the village. It contains many restaurants that serve fish, and the most famous type of fish in this village is trout.

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9- Sapanca


Sapanca is one of the largest lakes near Istanbul, it belongs to the state of Sakarya.

You will find pleasure and tranquility on the shores of the lake, especially in the cold and calm winter weather, unlike summer, which is crowded with tourists.

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10- Riva Village Istanbul

It is a small coastal village located on Kariyazy River leading to  Black Sea between Anatolia and Şile, and 40 km from the Beykoz district in Istanbul. 

Riva Istanbul village is one of the most beautiful villages near Istanbul and the most ideal choice for family picnics, with its beautiful landscapes and attractive water views.

It provides an ideal family beach for children and other options for camping, recreation and spending a fun day in its private club.

You can also visit the national Elmas Burun Park, which provides its visitors with a beautiful green nature with charming views of the sea.

Don’t miss the chance to visit any of these amazing villages, to have a great experience between the nature and its peaceful landscapes.

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