How to buy Real estate in Turkey?

Turkish Law How to buy Real estate in Turkey

If you are planning to buy a Real estate in Turkey, here are some interesting secrets you should know about Turkish law and Istanbul Real estate projects.

Recently, there have been huge developments in certain cities in Turkey, which increases the value of Turkish Real estate.

Turkish government put many efforts to improve the country with all fields such as, Real estate, education, health, Infrastructure, etc.

You can find a variety of residential and investment properties in many areas in Istanbul.

Lale Real Estate Group are your guide to give you the tips you are looking for to start this step.

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Best tips when foreigners buying Real estate in Turkey

Best tips when buying Real estate in Turkey
Best tips when buying Real estate in Turkey

First of all, you should select your goal, whether you want to have an investment project or you want to take a real step to have a future home.

Second, we recommend to visit the apartment or the project and see it with your eyes.

Don’t depend on pictures and videos, they are not enough and you may be deceived with brokers.

If you are abroad and cannot see your property, hire a lawyer to keep you up with the details.

You should also talk to a lawyer before signing the contract to check and make sure of all your rights.

Moreover, choose a vital location for your property, so you can get a good return from its rent.

Last but not least, don’t buy the property before meeting a Real estate advisor to give you the best advice before buying.

Lale Real Estate advisors are waiting for you to help you choose the ideal property that suit your requirements.

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Invest in Real estate in Turkey

Invest in Real estate in Turkey
Invest in Real estate in Turkey

Turkey is one of the advanced countries in the Real estate market around the world.

It has a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, which makes it special for many investors.

Turkey and its cities grow and develop day by day, where many Real estate projects are opened for buyers and investors.

It consists of two sides, the European side and the Asian side, both are growing, but most investors prefer the European side.

There are more than 433 shopping centers are working in Turkey, with a large area of 13 million square meters, and with many young workers.

In 2018, the total number of sold homes in Turkey reached 1.4 million residential units.

Istanbul ranked the top in the sold properties in Turkey, with 14270 sales, while Antalya with 7,938 sales, Bursa with 2,720 sales, and Ankara with 2,133 sales.

Between 2010 and 2019, the annual growth in the office market had reached 42 percent, and more than 1.7 million square meters of offices are still under planning.

The annual property tax is about 0.2% of the value of the property, which is very low and this encourages the investors the most.

If you are ready to invest in a Real estate in Turkey, we advise you to choose a strategic location, so you can get a high monthly rent.

Our Real estate experts in Lale Real Estate Group are waiting for you to offer you the best Real estate projects in Turkey.

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How to buy Real estate in Turkey
Turkish Real estate law

Turkish Real estate law, how to buy Real estate in Turkey

  • The Turkish Real estate law regulates all purchases and sales of Real estate.
  • The owner must completely transfer the ownership to the buyer, these written procedures are documented in the Turkish Land Registry Office.
  • Contract should contain all the conditions and information about the owner and the buyer such as, property title deed, identity documents, and price
  • This document legally obliged both the buyer and the seller to carry out all its procedures. This must be done in acceptance of both.
  • Title deeds come with blue and red colors, the blue refers to a land or a land with a house, while the red ones refer to the units in the residential complex.

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Advantages of buying Real estate in turkey

Turkey has received a great focus from many investors and buyers around the world for many reasons.

It is considered as the first option for tourists when choosing a city to visit and having great memories.

You can find a lot of historical places, entertainment spots, cinemas, theaters, and many interesting places such as:

Topkapi Palace: It is the largest palace in Turkey. and was the main residence of the Ottoman sultans during the imperial period.

It is a famous palace, and has many sacred Islamic relics, extensive exhibitions and a museum.

Blue Mosque: Sultan Ahmed Mosque is best known for the Blue Mosque. and its name derives from the blue tiles that adorn the interior walls. The mosque is a place of worship and a popular tourist attraction.

Galata Tower: It is one of the dominant landmarks on the European side of Istanbul. You can get a 360-degree aerial view to see the panoramic of the city and watch Istanbul’s historical skyline.

Additionally, many students come to study in Turkey, as it has a lot of governmental and private universities, such as Istanbul University, Izmir University, Koc University, and Marmara University.

It also focuses in the health sector to provide its citizens all the health requirements they need.

Buyers will find many Real estate projects in many cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, and Antalya.

There are many luxury houses and massive residential complexes with all the needed facilities in Istanbul.

And one of the encouraging reasons to buy a Real estate project in Turkey is that you can get the Turkish citizenship after buying a property with $250.000.

The Turkish citizenship will open the doors around you to get many benefits as the Turkish citizens.

How to find the best Real estate in Turkey
How to find the best Real estate in Turkey

How to find the best Real estate in Turkey?

First and the most, choose the perfect location which is near to many important facilities including, schools, universities, and hospitals.

You should also choose a comfortable apartment with various services, it’s your home!

There are many projects options and styles in Turkey, Lale Real Estate Group are here to provide you with the top Real estate projects in Turkey.

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Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

Istanbul Real estate projects for sale
Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

Referans Bahçeşehir Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

It is located in the luxury area of Bahçeşehir, near the airport and the TEM road.

The project has many facilities such as a fitness center, children’s pool, sauna, jacuzzi, places for walking and morning sports, and high-security service.

Mavera Residence Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

This project is like a paradise in Istanbul with its great features.

Project is based on a land of 13 thousand square meters, with a unique modern design, it has both residential and investment advantages due to its location.

It consists of a 15-storey building with 360 apartments, 24 apartments of 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 on each floor.

The project is close to many important places such as, the medical city (the largest medical city in Europe) and Istanbul’s third airport.

Deniz Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

It is one of the largest Real estate projects in Beylikduzu area in the European side of Istanbul city.

This project has a great investment value, as it is located in a strategic location and has many featured services.

Azur Marmara Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

This project is one of the residential projects that suit the large and small families, with various apartments styles, ranging from 126 to 236 square meters.

Project contains a number of modern services and facilities, including a gym, a swimming pool, and entertainment places for kids.

Liv Marmara Istanbul Real estate projects for sale

Project offers investment and life advantages through its apartments that overlooking the sea or the landscape.

Its excellent location near the marina and E-road attracts the investors to have a Real estate project in this area.

Do you know what the benefit of buying a property in Istanbul? Contact me to find out why!

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