Full Details about The Istanbul Canal Project

Full Details about The Istanbul Canal Project

The idea of Istanbul Canal construction (Turkish: Kanal İstanbul) comes from the great importance of the Bosphorus Strait. In this article, we will explain information about Istanbul Canal benefits, Istanbul Canal cost, Istanbul Canal construction, Istanbul canal route, and Canal Istanbul project details.

As thousands of residents live on both sides of the Bosphorus, even though the Bosphorus is a place of trade and transit.

Bosphorus Strait becomes more dangerous every year in terms of the dangers posed by ship traffic.

The annual number of ship crossings, which was 3-4 thousand 100 years ago, has now reached 45-50 thousand.

Due to the one-way traffic regulation to increase navigational safety, the average waiting time in the Bosphorus for large ships is approximately 14.5 hours for each stranded ship.

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Istanbul Canal Benefits

Istanbul Canal benefits are to protect the historical and cultural sides of the Bosphorus, increase its security, and reduce the burden caused by marine traffic.

Additionally, increase security in the strait, ensure traffic safety and navigation, establish a new international sea waterway, and create a modern earthquake-resistant residential area in Istanbul.

Canal istanbul Montreux will organize the trade and passage through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits.

But for Turkish government, Canal Istanbul Montreux will not subject to The Montreux Convention and it will provide comfort and peace to the country.

Turkish government, represented by its president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, aims to bypass the Montreux Convention and to rule Canal Istanbul Montreux according to its own geographical interests, even though the Russian rejection for Istanbul Canal project.

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Canal Istanbul Project Details

Canal Istanbul Project Details
Canal Istanbul Project Details

The length of the Istanbul canal construction is about 45 km and its base width is 275 meters. Istanbul Canal construction has also a depth of 20.75 meters.

Ships wait about 14.5 hours for each transit in the Bosphorus, and the average waiting time for ships carrying dangerous goods is 35 hours.

Sometimes there may be a waiting period of 3-4 days, and according to 2017 data, the economic losses caused by waiting times for ships reached to millions of dollars.

The average daily rental loss for ships of more than 200 meters in length is up to 120 thousand dollars.

The Istanbul Canal benefits will not only provide a great advantage for transiting ships, but will also contribute to preventing accidents and disasters that may occur in waiting areas.

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Istanbul Canal Cost

Turkey Istanbul Canal cost was estimated at 75 billion Turkish liras, and the total of Istanbul Canal cost was 15 billion dollars.

Canal Istanbul project details are intended for the safety and security of Istanbul residents and nearly 10,000 people were working during the preparation and construction period of Canal Istanbul project.

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Istanbul Canal Construction and Plans

Here are some information about Canal Istanbul project details:

  • Istanbul Canal project will reduce a large amount of pollution caused by the passage of a large number of ships in the Bosphorus to Istanbul-Turkey.
  • It provides many projects and developments as it is planned to build earthquake-safe cities with about 250,000 residences on both sides of Turkey Istanbul canal route.
  • The Istanbul Canal benefits will serve to prevent and reduce the marine traffic problem faced by the Bosphorus.
  • It also generates significant financial resources for Turkey.
  • Six bridges will be built over Turkey Istanbul Canal to transform Istanbul into a city with two seas.

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Important Areas Near Istanbul Canal Project

Important Areas Near Istanbul Canal Project
Important Areas Near Istanbul Canal Project

The future of the areas where Turkey Istanbul Canal route passes, will be the perfect options for any investment.

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Kucukcekmece is one of the well-developed areas on the European side of Istanbul, located around Kucukcekmece Lake.

Over the past ten years, this area witnessed modernization, transportation planning, education and health facilities.

The Turkish government announced that the planned Turkey Istanbul Canal route will begin in Kucukcekmece.

And the presence of Canal Istanbul project details to the west of Kucukcekmece will encourage many investors to buy real estate in this area.

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Basaksehir is one of the largest organized industrial areas in Istanbul with more than 20,000 small and large businesses.

It includes many vital facilities such as the new metro, the Northern Marmara Road, and The Olympic Village, and Istanbul Canal route.

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Avcilar is located to the west of Kucukcekmece Lake, to the south of Basaksehir, and to the east of both Beylikduzu and Esenyurt.

Istanbul Canal route will be to the east of Avcilar area, and this will be a great addition to the future of this area.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Istanbul Canal Project

  1. What is Canal Istanbul project?

    Canal Istanbul project is one of the largest infrastructure projects, it will connect the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea, and thus to the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It will control and ensure traffic safety.

  2. Is there a canal in Istanbul?

    In the present time, no, but in the future, yes it will be a canal in Istanbul.

  3. How much Istanbul Canal will cost?

    The Istanbul Canal cost will be 15 billion dollars.

  4. Is the Istanbul Canal natural?

    No, The Istanbul Canal is a project for artificial waterway.

  5. Why Turkey build canal istanbul? 

    Turkey will build Canal Istanbul project to reduce the large marine traffic problem faced by the Bosphorus.

  6. What is the purpose of the Istanbul Canal?

    The main purpose of the Istanbul Canal is to reduce the large marine traffic problem faced by the Bosphorus.

  7. How wide is Istanbul Canal?

    The wide of the Istanbul Canal is 275 meters.

  8. When is Istanbul Canal project completion date?

    The expected completion date of the Istanbul Canal project is during 2027.

  9. Is the Istanbul canal being built?

    Not yet, Istanbul Canal is under construction, and is expected to open during 2027.

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