Turkey Real Estate Investment in The Top 5 Cities

Turkey Real Estate Investment in The Top 5 Cities

Do you want the ideal opportunity to invest safely? Turkey real estate investment is one of the safest investments and most popular among foreign investors and normal buyers. In this article, we will explain detailed information about the top successful cities for investment, including Istanbul real estate investment, real estate investment in Bursa Turkey, real estate investment in Bodrum Turkey, and real estate investment in Antalya.

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Why to choose Turkey Real Estate Investment?

Why to choose Turkey Real Estate Investment
Why to choose Turkey Real Estate Investment

There are many reasons encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkey real estate investment projects, including:

  1. Turkey is an economically stable country that generates safe investment projects.
  2. The technological development that Turkey has reached is competing with European countries.
  3. The beauty of nature in Turkey and the strength of its Infrastructure.
  4. Turkey real estate investment guarantees getting Turkish citizenship and enjoying the same rights as Turkish citizens.
  5. The increasing value of Turkey real estate investment projects gives positive impression for a profitable investment future.

In order to guarantee all these advantages, you should buy a property in Turkey worth $400,000, then apply for Turkish citizenship and Turkish Passport.

And the most important thing is that you know well which areas are the best for Turkey real estate investment, in order to ensure that the value of your property will increase after a few years.

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Top 5 cities for Turkey real estate investment

Top 5 cities for Turkey real estate investment
Top 5 cities for Turkey real estate investment

Of course, no matter what the country is, the cities will not be the same, and this applies to Turkey as well.

Turkey cities differ from each other in many aspects, so you must search well in choosing the best areas for Turkey real estate investment.

Here is a list of the best 5 cities for Turkey real estate investment:

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Istanbul Real Estate Investment

The best investment in Istanbul real estate investment
The best investment in Istanbul real estate investment

Istanbul is the city that attracts most of the investors to choose Turkey real estate investment.

Although it is not the capital of the country, Istanbul always be the focus of attention when it comes to Turkey real estate investment.

The reasons behind choosing Istanbul real estate investment are clear. Istanbul is the largest city in the country, and accommodates the largest number of the working class in its areas.

Besides, Istanbul is the commercial hub and main tourist area of Turkey, and more than 55 countries around the world are only 4 hours away from Istanbul.

Additionally, Istanbul New Airport, the huge attraction of Turkey and Istanbul, which makes traveling more comfortable.

Istanbul is the main sea port of Turkey, and most of Istanbul real estate investment projects have charming sea views.

Byzantine era ownership and the dazzling glow of modern times together give Istanbul a distinctive beauty.

Also, the green nature of Istanbul is always alive and provide the most vibrant experience for anyone who dreams of owning a home near the beach and amazing nature.

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Reasons to Invest in Istanbul Real Estate Investment Projects

Istanbul can instantly give a sense of home to any foreigner, as it is popular with the generosity of its people.

Istanbul is racing forward to be among the top five global cities. Another major attraction of Istanbul, when compared to its global peers, is its low costs.

Istanbul real estate investment projects top the list of Turkey’s cities when it comes to strategic locations such as Kucukcekmece and Beylikduzu.

At the same time, it is considered the safest places to live, and it should also be noted that Turkey is one of the few countries where foreigners can live safely.

With the highest population, it attracts millions of tourists every year, being a commercial and educational center, Istanbul real estate investment guarantees rental income regardless of the type of property.

Besides, Turkey real estate investment value is guaranteed and it is positively increasing every year.

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Best Istanbul real estate investment projects

Turkey real estate investment starts by finding the suitable property. Take a sneak peek at these luxury projects:

Sinpas Boulevard Sefakoy Project

Sinpas Boulevard Sefakoy is one of the residential and Turkey real estate investment projects on the European side of Istanbul.

The project consists of 7 buildings with a total number of 390 housing units and consists of various styles starting from 0 + 1 to 4 + 1.

For more details about Istanbul real estate investment at Sinpas Boulevard Sefakoy Project, click here.

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Hilton Mall of Istanbul Project

Hilton Mall of Istanbul is a successful choice for Turkey real estate investment in Istanbul, due to its unique location, and the ability of obtaining the Turkish citizenship after buying an apartment at the project.

The project is located on a land area of 50,000 square meters and consists of one tower with 25 floors of different areas.

For more details about Istanbul real estate investment at Hilton Mall of Istanbul Project, click here.

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Lotus Nisantasi Project

The project is located in one of the high-end areas in the center of Istanbul, which is Sisli area, and this raises its value among Turkey real estate investment projects.

It extends over a land area of 9.000 square meters and consists of 99 offices and 62 hotel residences, in addition to a hotel consisting of 146 rooms, a car park that can accommodate 600 cars and 54 stores.

For more details about Istanbul real estate investment at Lotus Nisantasi Project, click here.

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Real Estate Investment in Bursa Turkey

Bursa ranks the second after Istanbul in its economic growth, it has always taken the highest percentage of real estate sales to foreigners, especially in the luxury homes and villas.

For those who love the elite class lifestyle, Bursa will be the best for you, as it outperforms all other locations in Turkey.

By ferry, or metro or taxi, the choice is yours to enjoy your travels to Bursa in Turkey.

Real estate investment in Bursa Turkey has always been the best choice for foreigners due to its location and culture.

If you are looking for Turkey real estate investment to get high income from rent, real estate investment in Bursa Turkey will never disappoint you.

There are also many international travel destinations near Bursa like Fethiye, Bodrum and Antalya.

Being located in Uludag Mountain, Bursa is one of the famous ski locations in Turkey which attracts millions of tourists every year.

Another encouraging reason for real estate investment in Bursa Turkey is the sea views of Mudanya and Yalova beaches.

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Real Estate Investment in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is characterized by its perfect and modern construction style, it offers the best architectural style when it comes to real estate investment in Bodrum Turkey.

Many ongoing projects in Bodrum are incorporating a traditional style of architecture in their construction, and this mixed trend of modern and contemporary architecture styles, is now a favorite type for buyers.

Shopping centers, transport facilities, and sightseeing options, Bodrum provides a complete privileged life for its citizens.

Real estate investment in Bodrum Turkey is also famous, and there are already a large number of foreign property owners in Bodrum.

All the locals in Bodrum speak English very well, this makes it easier for foreigners who do not know Turkish well.

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Real Estate Investment in Antalya

Antalya has always been the most desired place for foreigners for the past 60 years.

When the Turkish government opened the doors for foreigners to invest in real estate, real estate investment in Antalya got the first increase in demand for luxury real estate.

Antalya has distinct destinations that offer a diverse environment of its style. Antalya’s climate is comfortable with sunshine in almost the year.

Real estate investment in Antalya is also encouraging because Antalya is highly connected to other cities through its two airports.

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Real Estate Investment in Alanya Turkey

Alanya is famous for its diverse population, and it is an excellent example of multiculturalism.

It is now a home for people of over 80 nationalities, and real estate investment in Alanya Turkey attracts investors in many aspects.

As the prices are reasonable, the climate of this coastal city is wonderful, and another major reason that makes foreigners prefer real estate investment in Alanya Turkey is its affordable style of living.

In general, Real estate investment abroad needs a careful study of all aspects. This is because we are often strangers to the country and do not know the best locations and other things of the areas.

If you are planning to invest in Istanbul real estate investment projects, we will be with you from the first step to help you choose the best property depending on your request and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Real Estate Investment

  1. Is Istanbul good for real estate investment?

    Yes, Istanbul real estate investment is excellent as most of the properties include 5-star services, social facilities, modern designs, and high investment values.

  2. How to invest in Turkey real estate?

    You can invest in Turkey real estate investment projects by buying a property in a strategical location and then renting it or selling it with a higher price.

  3. Is Bodrum a good investment?

    Bodrum is a successful choice for real estate investment and it includes luxury homes and villas.

  4. Is Antalya a good investment?

    Antalya is a preferable destination for foreigners who want to invest in real estate and get excellent gains and profitable rental income.

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