Turkish Passport Power and Benefits 2022

Turkish Passport Power and Benefits 2022

Of course, you have many questions related to Turkish Passport. In this blog, we will explain the power and strength of Turkish Passport, what are the advantages and benefits of Turkish Passport, what are the types of Turkish Passport, and which are the visa-free countries that you can travel with Turkish Passport?

Turkish Passport is the document that Turkish citizens use since July 15, 1950, and they are issued by the Directorate General of Population and Nationality Affairs in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the candidate countries to join the European Union, and foreigners who seek to acquire Turkish Passport, can gain more information about it through our blogs.

Turkey is also one of the most advanced countries in terms of the strength of the Turkish Passport at the present time.

Since travelling has become one of the necessities for life, many people seek to travel for many reasons including business and tourism.

Individuals are looking now for visa-free access to cross borders and travel many countries with Turkish Passport to reach many business, career, and cultural opportunities.

The power and benefits of Turkish passport encourage people to acquire it in order to achieve many of their goals.

Thus, the demand for Turkish Passport has recently increased due to the local and international benefits and advantages for the holders of Turkish Passport.

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How strong and powerful is Turkish Passport?

Turkish passport ranks 35th in the world, and Turkey ranks 18th due to its advantages and strength in Europe.

The holders of Turkish passport can travel to visa-free countries, and they can take many other advantages that include free education, free medical treatment, and scholarships.

They can also participate in retirement programs and have the right to vote in elections.

In 2022, the Turkish passport enables its holders to travel to 59 countries with visa-free, 45 countries with a visa-on-arrival, and 5 countries with an e-visa.

Thus, Turkish citizens who hold ordinary Turkish passports can travel to 109 visa-free country or visa-on-arrival.

In 2019, and before the COVID procedures, the Turkish passport holders could travel to 72 visa-free countries, and 49 countries with a visa-on-arrival, with a total of 121 countries.

The strength and power of the Turkish passport is increasing with the decrease in visa-free travel procedures and the privileges of easy entry to the most important countries in the world.

Turkey has its huge participation in the framework of large projects in the field of tourism and global trade, and the strength of the Turkish passport is becoming stronger due to strong global relations with Turkey.

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List of Turkish passport visa free countries 2022

List of Turkish passport visa free countries 2022
List of Turkish passport visa free countries 2022

Turkish passport has a great power and can allow its holders to travel to 59 visa-free countries.

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Countries you can travel with Turkish Passport

Turkish Passport allows you to travel to many visa-free countries, these countries include:

“Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Tunisia, Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Gambia, Georgia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Iran, Guatemala, etc.”

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Top advantages and Benefits of Turkish Passport

Top advantages and Benefits of Turkish Passport
Top advantages and Benefits of Turkish Passport

Anyone can hold Turkish passport by buying a property or investing in a project with the required amount in real estate projects.

Recently, a statistic showed that 18,000 people who have obtained Turkish Passport are from the real estate sector.

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List of advantages and benefits of Turkish Passport

There are many advantages and benefits of the Turkish Passport that let you live a happy and free life. These advantages include:

  • Enjoying a high standard life at low prices compared to European countries.
  • Turkey has a rich tourism industry and because of that, there are many job opportunities for foreigners.
  • Travelling to more than 57 countries without a visa.
  • Take benefit from retirement plans with the Turkish passport.
  • The right to have bank accounts in all Turkish and international banks in Turkey.
  • Residing and sitting on Turkish lands without the need for residence.
  • Free Educational and health services.
  • Full citizenship rights through election and nomination.
  • Turkish passport only needs to be renewed once every 10 years.
  • Receiving the Turkish passport within a short period (not more than three months)
  • The right for a dual citizenship.

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Turkish passport types – How to get them?

Turkish passport types and differences
Turkish passport types and differences

There are 4 types of Turkish passports that are used according to the status of the holder.

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Turkish Regular Passport or Bordo Passport (Red color)

The Turkish Regular Passport is the common one for Turkish citizens, and it is issued for the citizens who do not qualify for any of the other types of passports.

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Turkish Special Passport or Yeşil Pasport (Turkey Green Passport)

The holders of Turkish Green Passport are allowed to travel visa-free countries, unlike the regular passport, and they pay just 25 dollars for the passport.

Turkish Special Passport is issued to civil service employees and their families for a period of 5 years as long as they meet certain requirements. The special or green Turkey Passport can be issued to:

  • Former members of the National Assembly
  • First, second, or third-degree positions in public and civil servants
  • spouses of civil servants
  • Mayors
  • Metropolitan provincial and district presidents
  • Unmarried and unemployed children who are not over the age of 25
  • State athletes

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Documents of the green Passport for Turkish citizens

  • For employees: signature prepared by the Regional Directorate or the General Directorate of the institution in which he/she works
  • Retired employees: A document showing details about the date of retirement.
  • Persons who resigned: A document showing details about the period in which they worked
  • For those under the age of 18: Parental consent
  • 1 biometric photo of 5 x 6 cm
  • Identification card

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Turkish Service Passport or Hizmet Pasaport (grey color)

The Turkish Service Passport is issued to:

  • Persons who are not eligible for special or diplomatic passports are designated to travel abroad for relevant official or government purposes
  • National athletes
  • Turkish citizens who work in international organizations of which Turkey is a member of them
  • Red Crescent members
  • Husband/wife of service passport holders
  • Unmarried and unemployed children who are not over the age of 25

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Turkish Diplomatic Passport or Siyah Pasaport (black color)

The Turkish Diplomatic Passport has 28 pages, and is free of charge. This type can be issued for:

  • Members of the National Assembly
  • Heads of judicial bodies and their deputies
  • Diplomats
  • Negotiators who will deal with international issues
  • Spouse of diplomatic passport holders, this passport can only be used when accompanying the primary passport holder
  • Unmarried and unemployed daughters, sons under the age of 18, this passport can only be used when accompanying the primary passport holder.

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Turkish Passport Validity

Turkey offers the holders different Turkish passports with different validity periods of 6 months, a year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and more.

In general, the maximum validity of the Turkish Passport is 10 years, and it can be renewable after the expiry date.

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