13 Advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey

13 Advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey

There are many advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey, and in this blog, we will talk about 13 benefits to buy a house in Turkey.

If you are thinking of the benefits of buying a property in Turkey, or perhaps comparing it with another location, and want to make sure that you are making the right decision. Of course, you have many questions.

Don’t think too much, this blog from Lale Real Estate Group will help you answer most of your questions and will give you some real and reliable facts about buying a property in Turkey.

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List of advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey

List of advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey
List of advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey

This list includes the benefits of buying a property in Turkey, and why should you think seriously about buying in Turkey and its cities:

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1- Best value for money

This is one of the strongest advantages and benefits of buying a property in Turkey, and it is a feature that should be mainly considered when thinking about buying a property.

The definition of the best value definitely changes from person to person and what is considered good value may not be good to another person.

Turkey has a large and growing range of quality properties for all budgets, most of which have good qualities and reasonable prices.

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2- Free ownership

Free ownership
Free ownership

When you buy a property, you do not just buy a share in the property, or just rent it for years. When you buy a property in Turkey, you buy the entire property and get full ownership of it.

The first thing you should know is that the laws and regulations related to buying a property do not differ whether you are Turkish or not.

And the same rules and laws apply to anyone wants to buy a property in Turkey. This is a strong advantage and benefit of buying a house in Turkey.

After owning a property in Turkey, you and those with whom you share ownership (maybe your spouse, children or business partner) will have full rights over this property.

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3- Residence and citizenship

One of the quickest and safest ways to secure permanent residence in Turkey is to own a property.

The current laws allow anyone who owns a property (i.e. those whose name is registered on the title deed “TAPU”) to apply for permanent residence and this right is not only for the person whose name is mentioned in the title deed, but also applies to the whole family.

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4- Multicultural environment

Unlike many European cities, Turkey is the meeting point of many different cultures, and not to mention all the popular locations that international property buyers prefer in Turkey.

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5- Cost of living and best benefits of buying a property in Turkey

When it comes to enjoying all the aspects of life from breakfast in a cozy restaurant near the sea to dinner in a restaurant, Turkey offers a comparative advantage when it comes to comfortable living on a budget.

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6- Turkey where East meets West

Many books and guides about Turkey begin with the same old saying: Turkey is a bridge where East meets West.

There is no need to try to prove Turkey’s ancient history. Turkey is a meeting point of different cultures where everyone can discover a new culture and also find a common point with other cultures.

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7- The culture of welcome in Turkey

Anyone who has visited Turkey should remember that the cup of tea that is served when shopping or lunch, your host will not let you go without having it.

This is a part of the welcoming culture of the Turkish people, who enjoy welcoming guests and using it as a way to get to know each other.

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8- Long and rich History

Culture of Turkey
Long and rich History

From Troy to the Ottoman Empire, if there is one thing Turkey has to offer to all history lovers, it is certainly a rich history.

Due to the geographical location, Turkey has been home to many cultures throughout history, and every part of it, no matter if its north, south, east or west, offers something about history.

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9- Rental Offers

In an era of changing tourism places, and where more and more people are looking for an opportunity to find this perfect holiday rental property, Turkey has already taken its ideal place.

Holiday rental properties are booked early in the season and guarantee a satisfactory income for all investors and property owners.

The strong demand is also a point to consider where many Turks looking for an apartment to rent, this is also a strong source of income.

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10- Enjoying Four Seasons

Turkey, unlike many western countries, is still among the few places where all seasons can be enjoyed all year round.

Whether it is summer, winter, autumn or spring, each season is strongly distinguished throughout Turkey.

This is a great benefit of buying a property in Turkey, where you can enjoy all the four seasons.

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11- Quick and Easy Financial Solutions

Turkey has strong financial institutions and can find the appropriate financing solution that will help you to buy the ideal property.

Unlike many western countries where there is a large amount of paperwork and time waiting, the same process takes about a few days in Turkey, and it depends on your income and financial data.

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12- Reliable investment

The benefits of buying a property in Turkey come with many advantages at once but if a list is to be made, the fact that it provides a reliable investment environment and guarantees the rights by owning a property under the law.

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13- Quick and Easy Ownership

Quick and Easy Ownership
Quick and Easy Ownership

Owning a property in Turkey for foreigners is subject to the same laws and regulations that are given to the local residents, this is one of the important benefits of buying a property in Turkey.

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