Property tax in Turkey 2022 Full Detail

Property tax in Turkey 2022 Full Detail

Property tax in Turkey (emlak vergisi) is paid annually by the person who owns a property on January, and is collected by the local city council (belediye).

The basis for this tax is the property’s nominal value (değer), so that the value is entirely determined to the municipality in which you live.

You will have to pay local property taxes and you are responsible for knowing and paying the rates of the taxes.

If you have questions about the rates, you should ask the local official authority who handles the taxes, in general, local property tax should not exceed 0.3% of the value of your property.

Property tax in Turkey benefit information

Property tax in Turkey benefit information
benefit information Property tax in Turkey

Property taxes in Turkey are paid at fixed periods and often annually on the taxable value of property such as lands and homes.

Types of property tax in Turkey

Types of property tax in Turkey
Types of taxes in Turkey

1- Wealth tax

Taxes for an individual or a family which are imposed on an annual basis.

2- Inheritance and gift tax

Property taxes are imposed on the property of the deceased and paid by the estate itself. Gift taxes are imposed when the property is transferred by someone alive.

3- Property transfer tax

They are taxes on the transfer of a property from one person or company to another.

4- Company tax

It is similar to the wealth tax, they are imposed on a company’s wealth, and most countries have this type of tax.

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How much is tax on buying property in Turkey?

How much is tax on buying property in Turkey
How much is tax on buying property in Turkey

You are responsible for the property tax for the year if you own a particular property, and it is calculated on the basis of the nominal value and not the declared value, and this value is calculated by the local council.

The nominal value is usually less than the market value and taxes in most areas are set between 0.1% and 0.3% of the nominal value per year.

So, you may pay less than 100 per year of a small apartment, and even a large villa can get you taxes of about Only €750.

If you want to resell or rent your property multiple times, you will find other taxes for your property.

The Turkish Authorities have issued rent controls and rules in recent years, so you will need to set up a separate company and obtain a business license (vergi levhasi).

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How to pay annual property tax in Turkey?

If you own a property in Turkey, an annual tax must be paid on this property.

This tax varies according to the city and the type of property, for example, if your property is located in Istanbul, the annual tax will be 0.2 percent calculated on the value of the property.

For the residential properties, the tax values vary from 1 to 8%, and this is related to the features and area of the residential property in Turkey.

A 1% tax is imposed on apartments with an area of less than 150 square meters, and an 18% tax is imposed on apartments with an area of more than 150 square meters.

Is there property tax in Istanbul?

If you buy a property in Turkey, there will be taxes on the property you owned on an annual basis.

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Property tax in Turkey for foreigners

A detailed trip is recommended for foreigners who want to buy a property in Istanbul or Turkey, in order to verify the taxes and everything related to the property.

Since this option may not be preferable for a businessman from abroad, it is recommended to contact one of the Turkish real estate lawyers or consultants to request support in this issue.

The Turkish lawyer can undertake this trip together with a trusted real estate agent, and this trip shows if there are any problems with the property you want to buy.

It is now very necessary to consult a real estate lawyer and consultant in buying a property in Turkey.

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Do you pay monthly property tax in Turkey?

Residents of residential compounds in Turkey have to pay a monthly fee called “Eidat” This fee includes various services such as operating swimming pools, playgrounds, watering gardens.

In addition, it covers the salaries of cleaning, maintenance and security staff who work in the compound.

These services help to keep the compound in a perfect case, and the fees vary in value from a compound to another.

But this type of fees exists in Turkey even in ordinary apartment buildings, where it is used to operate the elevator and the costs of cleaning the interior buildings.

On average, these fees range from $0.5 to $1 per square meter and vary according to the compound and its services.

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How do I pay property taxes in Turkey?

How do I pay property taxes in Turkey
How do I pay property taxes in Turkey

Property tax in Turkey can be paid in two installments each year: The first payment of the tax payment begins on May 31, and the second payment should be paid in November.

However, it is also possible for the buyer to pay the tax in the period of the first installment in one payment.

There are two ways to pay property tax in Turkey: The first is to visit the municipality and make the payment, and the second is to make the payment through the official website of the municipality.

In general, property taxes in Turkey are low compared to those imposed in some foreign countries, such as taxes in European countries and the United States.

The Turkish government also encourages foreigners to buy property in Turkey by exempting them from the value added tax if the buyer does not have a residence in Turkey and wants to buy a property (in dollars or euros) through a bank transfer from outside Turkey.

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