Economy in Turkey

The Great Istanbul Tunnel Project

The Great Istanbul Tunnel | The Fastest Road In The World

Istanbul is the most traveled city in the world, with over 18.5 million visitors. There are many new attractions that have been popping up lately to lure travelers to its shores. One of these attractions is the Great Istanbul Tunnel, which will connect Asia and Europe. We will learn all the details about the history of the 3-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel project, and the effects of the Great Istanbul...

Comprehensive Guide To Turkey's Development And Growth

Comprehensive Guide To Turkey’s Development And Growth 2022

Turkey's development during the previous two decades has contributed to the country's real estate market ranking among the best in the world. This article will focus on the culture in Turkey, Turkey's food culture, economic development in Turkey, and the real estate market in Turkey. The Republic of Turkey was established in 1922 after the overthrow of Sultan Mehmed VI by the new republican...

Full Details about The Istanbul Canal Project

Full Details about The Istanbul Canal Project

The idea of Istanbul Canal construction (Turkish: Kanal İstanbul) comes from the great importance of the Bosphorus Strait. In this article, we will explain information about Istanbul Canal benefits, Istanbul Canal cost, Istanbul Canal construction, Istanbul canal route, and Canal Istanbul project details. As thousands of residents live on both sides of the Bosphorus, even though the Bosphorus is...

Istanbul New Airport The Best Airport in Europe

Istanbul New Airport – The Best in Europe

The New Airport Istanbul (IST) is the main international airport of the city. In this article, we will provide some information about Istanbul New Airport size, New Istanbul Airport interior, map of New Istanbul Airport, and where is the new Istanbul airport exactly?    When Ataturk Airport was closed, the Istanbul New Airport became the primary airport on the European side of...

Turkey Economy Forecast 2022 2023

What is Turkey Economy Forecast 2022 – 2023?

What is Turkey economy forecast for 2022 - 2023? Are there any signs of huge developments in the structure of the Turkish economy? We will explain the answers of all these inquiries, ranking of Turkey Economy Forecast 2022 globally, and what is the impact of Turkey economy forecast 2022 on trade statistics, Turkey Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the upcoming Turkey...

Establish and Open a Company in Turkey for Foreigners

How to Open a Company in Turkey for Foreigners?

Foreign investors can now establish and open a company in Turkey, according to the foreign investment law, based on the principle of equal treatment allowing international investors to have the same rights and responsibilities as local investors. The conditions for establishing a company in Turkey, setting up a business and transferring shares are the same as for local investors. International...

Turkey economy ranking for 2022

Turkey economy ranking for 2022

Are you interested to know about Turkey economy ranking for 2022? Do you intend to enter into investment fields? Lale Real Estate Group highlight the most important information on the arrangement of Turkey's economy 2022.  Read this text to get all the information and facts that enrich your information about the economic of Turkey. The improvement of economic and social development in Turkey...

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