Why is Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge famous?

Why is Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge famous

The Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge (July 15 Martyrs Bridge), is one of the most well-known bridges in Turkey that connecting Asia and Europe.

It adds a value to Istanbul as a center of the daily trade exchange between the two continents.

The first attempt to build the bridge was in 511 BC, as the king was able to move his entire army to the other side of the body of water using a temporary bridge made of boats.

Mondracul, the Italian architect, proposed a permanent bridge, but Sultan Abdul Hamid II did not support it.

After that, the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge was completed on October 30, 1973, exactly 50 years after Turkey became an independent republic.

Previously, people could walk along the bridge, but now it is not allowed to walk on the Bosphorus Bridge as only vehicles are allowed to cross.

Bosphorus Bridge was the first of three suspension bridges to connect the city, and before its construction, the Bosphorus could only be crossed by boat.

Ferry services still run regularly and are probably a more enjoyable way to cross the Bosphorus.

Daily Bosphorus cruises bring passengers to the Bosphorus Bridge and stop at many of Istanbul’s attractions on the way.

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Interesting facts about Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge

It is one of the huge bridges that makes Turkey once occupied the fourth place among the longest suspension bridges in the world.

The Bosphorus has great strategic economic and military importance, and that is why it was control twice in ancient history.

Once in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878), and during World War I in 1915 when the Allied forces attacked the Dardanelles.

Currently, according to the Montreux Convention on the Turkish Regime of the Straits of July 1936, the Bosphorus is considered as an international shipping lane.

Here are some information about Bosphorus Bridge

  • Bosphorus Bridge is the motto of Turkey
  • It has more than one name, Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul Bridge, and the July 15 Martyrs Bridge
  • Crossing the bridge on foot is prohibited
  • 180,000 vehicles pass over the bridge everyday
  • The bridge hangs about 90 cm in the middle
  • The length of the Bridge is 1,560 meters with a surface of about 33.5 meters
  • The bridge costs about $300 million

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Top things to see on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge in Istanbul

Ortakoy Mosque Top things to see on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge in Istanbul
Ortakoy Mosque Top things to see on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge in Istanbul

There are many landmarks to visit around the magnificent bridge:

1- Blue Mosque

It is also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque and is an important historical site. The minarets of the Blue Mosque can be seen from the Bosphorus Bridge.

2- Hagia Sophia

It is another church that turned into a mosque, and it can be seen from the bridge.

It served as a church for Christians for 1,000 years and for 500 years as a mosque for Muslims, and it became a mosque again in 2020.

3- Ortakoy Mosque

It is a wonderful structure that can be seen from Istanbul Bridge, and this is on the European side of the bridge.

How do you visit the Bosphorus Bridge?

Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge
Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge

If you want to get to the Ortakoy side of the bridge from Sultanahmet, you will have to take the T1 tram to Kabatas. Then, you will get buses to reach you to Ortakoy.

There is also an alternative route by the ferry from Eminonu to Ortakoy. However, remember that you cannot take the ferry on Sundays because services are closed on these days.

If you want to reach the Asian side from the bridge, take the ferry from Eminonu to Uskudar.

This will help you reach Beylerbeyi Palace, and after getting off the ferry, you will have to take the palace buses.

We recommend you to explore the bridge and its surroundings by taking a Bosphorus cruise.

As Turkey is an important tourist country, and if you take a cruise, you will come across a number of beautiful tourist attractions.

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What is the best time to visit Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge?

What is the best time to visit Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge
What is the best time to visit Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge

The perfect time to visit the bridge will be at night, when it is illuminated by LED lights.

It is considered the most attractive location for photography in Istanbul, and many international tourists visit the Bosphorus to capture unique photos. You can take a cruise on the Bosphorus Bridge at night and enjoy the beautiful views of the bridge and its stunning colors.

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