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Istanbul it is the largest city in Turkey, and has an area of 5,343 square kilometers with a population of 15 million people.

Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus Strait; one of the world’s busiest waterways in northwestern Turkey between the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea.

This great city can be considered a mixture of ancient and modern civilization, as well as a mixture of many cultures.

It has a commercial and historical center that located in the European side, while a third of its population lives on the Asian side.

Istanbul is founded in 660 BC in the name of Byzantium, after that the city developed into one of the most important cities in history.

It hosted 11.6 million foreign visitors in 2012 making the city the 5th most popular tourist destination in the world.

Many houses for sale in Istanbul provide buyers and investors with great Real estate opportunities for investment and housing.

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Interesting secrets you should know about Istanbul

  • It was a source of inspiration for authors such as, Paul Theroux, Ernest Hemingway and Orhan Pamuk.
  • In 1502, Istanbul was famous as the world’s busiest city.
  • It has the third oldest subway in the world, which was built in 1875 with a length of 573 meters in Beyoglu area.
  • Istanbul was the European capital of culture in 2010, but has never hosted the Olympic Games.
  • The British writer Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express” at the Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul.
  • Istanbul is surrounded by the sea and the Bosphorus strait that passes through it, yet the city has snow, with an annual average of 18 inches.
  • The tulip flower, the symbol of the Netherlands, originated in Istanbul and was sent from Istanbul to the Netherlands.

Why is Istanbul considered the preferred city for people?

  • The population is more than 15 million
  • It is one of the world’s major air traffic with two international airports.
  • The European capital of culture in 2010, and the European capital of sport in 2012.
  • It has more than 75 museums, 100 shopping centers, and 4 historical bazaars.
  • A huge transportation network of subways, trams, buses, ferries, and maritime transportation.
  • Istanbul is the only city in the world geographically located in both Europe and Asia.
  • It has three bridges on the Bosphorus that connect Europe and Asia.
  • The largest lighting house in Turkey is located in the Silly area on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul, with a high of 19 meters (62 feet) and 1.1 meters (3.6 feet) wide.
  • It is a preferred city for investors who search for modern Real estate projects with luxury apartments.

The most important tourist attractions in Istanbul

There are many famous places in Istanbul is a great chance to have a Real estate project in Istanbul that is full of famous and attractive areas.

Hagia Sophia

It was built in the period from 532 to 7 AD and was the largest orthodox cathedral in the world until 1520.

It was a church for more than 900 years and an imperial mosque for more than 400 years.

In 1935, it was converted into a museum by Ataturk, and it is still an important symbol for both Muslims and Christians.

Topkapi Palace

It is the largest palace in Turkey. and was the main residence of the Ottoman sultans during the imperial period.

It is a famous palace, and has many sacred Islamic relics, extensive exhibitions and a museum.

Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is best known for the Blue Mosque. and its name derives from the blue tiles that adorn the interior walls. The mosque is a place of worship and a popular tourist attraction.

Galata Tower

It is one of the dominant landmarks on the European side of Istanbul.  You can get a 360-degree aerial view to see the panoramic of the city and watch Istanbul’s historical skyline.

Big Bazaar

It is one of the oldest covered markets and in the world, with more than 60 narrow streets, more than 5,000 shops, a hammam and a mosque, as well as cafes and restaurants.

Basilica Cistern

It also known as Sunken Palace, and located near the Hagia Sophia. The rooms open to high ceilings and there are more than 300 ornate columns. Visitors are attracted to the two Medusa heads, and you will also find distinctive swimming pools and fishing.

Transportation in Istanbul

The diversity of transportation system makes Istanbul a focus for investors and buyers to have Real estate projects in the city.

 You can find many types of transportation in Istanbul such as:

  • Buses and Metrobus: Buses are the cheapest mode of transportation although they are usually crowded and there is also a special bus service called Metrobus.
  • Metro and Tram: Istanbul’s metro and tram system has an extensive network and provides easy access to many major areas on both the European and Asian sides.
  • Marmaray and Gebze-Halkali Train System: It is a train system that connects the European and Asian side under the sea.
  • Ferries and sea buses: Ferries are the easiest, cheapest and best way to travel across the Bosphorus.
  • Dolmus: It is a public taxi that gives an easy way of transportation through the city.

Popular shopping areas in Istanbul

Sultanahmet is the first place for those who want to enjoy the historical Ottoman era.

Arasta Bazaar is located behind the Blue Mosque and is famous for its jewelry, spices, textiles and carpets shops.

Taksim is a modern part of the city and hosts a wide range of shopping stores with many major brands.

The long Istiklal Street has many famous and neoclassical lanes with a variety of great stores.

Kadikoy Market, Bahariye Street, and Baghdad Street are also famous places on the Asian side.

You can buy valuable things and fashionable products from Istanbul such as, the famous Turkish carpets made of silk, wool or cotton, precious jewelry, original glassware, traditional souvenirs, leather products and textiles.

There are many Real estate opportunities in this crowded and developed city, as there is a huge increase in the number of investors in Istanbul owning properties with luxury and modern apartments.

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