Turkey immigration policy for Pakistani citizens

Turkey immigration policy for Pakistani citizens

The visit from Pakistan to Turkey is now easier with the modern method of immigration like the Turkey e-Visa. Recently, many Pakistani citizens visit Turkey for different reasons, including immigration, education, tourism, and Real estate investment.

Istanbul is the favorite destination for Pakistanis, as it is the largest city in Turkey that has all the people’ needs.

There are many famous and attractive places in Istanbul that makes it the first option to visit in Turkey.

Also, Pakistani people prefer Istanbul for the great job opportunities that they may have when they immigrate to Turkey.

How to immigrate from Pakistan to Turkey?

You just need to fill an application with your basic information, and you can do it by your smartphone or laptop.

Turkey visa for Pakistanis enables them to enjoy the visit for a period of 30 days.

Only the holders of official passports can stay in Turkey for more than 90 days.

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Turkey visa requirements for Pakistan citizens

Turkey visa requirements for Pakistani citizens
Turkey visa requirements for Pakistan citizens

There are many types of visas that enable Pakistani citizens to visit Turkey.

Turkey visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens

Pakistani citizens can come to Turkey for tourism, as Turkey is one of the most well-known countries in the tourism sector.

Student visa for Turkey from Pakistan

Turkey enables Pakistani students to study in their governmental and international universities by applying for a student visa.

There are many famous and strong universities in Turkey, making it one of the ideal options for education.

Turkey treatment visa for Pakistani citizens

Pakistani people can visit Turkey for a certain period of time for treatment reasons.

Turkey put many efforts in order to raise the health sector care for the Turkish citizens and foreign people.

Turkey work visa from Pakistan

It is allowed to come from Pakistan to Turkey to have a job opportunity, this type of visa needs a work contract to be approved.

But, some information are needed to complete the online process for the e-Visa from Pakistan to Turkey:

  1. A valid email address
  2. A debit or credit card for fees (You can pay just with US dollars)
  3. Valid Passport for at least 150 days from the entry to Turkey
  4. Make sure that you add accurate information
  5. It is possible to be asked about some health documents according the COVID-19 ongoing situation

Then, on the applications, Pakistanis should fill other important information, such as their full name, date of birth, and their citizenship.

All the information should be true, and any false data will affect the process of the visa and may reach to its cancellation.

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Immigration requirements from Pakistan to Turkey

The citizens of Pakistan should visit Turkey within 180 days of their visa to Turkey.

About prices for visas; getting an online visa is less expensive than getting it from the embassy of Turkey in Pakistan.

This way is fast and just takes a day to approve the visa, but for some unexpected cases, it may take additional days.

Pakistani citizens are not allowed to enter Turkey without a visa, they cannot also get it on the arrival as other countries can.

They can get a direct flight to Turkey from any of the following cities, Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Turkey immigration by investment and getting Turkish citizenship

Turkey immigration by investment and getting Turkish citizenship
Turkey immigration by investment and getting Turkish citizenship

Pakistani citizens can get Turkish citizenship by investing in a Real estate project in any city of Turkey.

The demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship has recently increased due to the local and international benefits for the holders.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship as a Pakistani, grants many benefits such as free medical treatment, education service, and many other advantages.

It is now allowed to obtain the citizenship by buying a property or more with an amount of $250000.

And the past few years have witnessed great improvements in the real estate sector. And as a result, foreign investors are showing good interest in real estate opportunities in Turkey.

Lale Real estate Group has many projects that allow Pakistani citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship easily and safely.

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