What is Title Deed “Tapu” & How Do I Get A Tapu in Turkey?

What is Title Deed Tapu & How Do I Get A Tapu in Turkey

Tapu means “title deed”, and it is the document that is organized for buying a property in Turkey.

The ownership of the property is confirmed to the person mentioned in the document. 

The title deed contains detailed information about everything related to the property, and without this document, a person’s ownership of any property in Turkey cannot be recognized. 

Due to the importance of owning the property, we at Lale Real Estate Group present this detailed blog.

Tapu should include (Title deed – land title deed – Real estate ownership document or deed).

In some cases, more than one owner participates in purchasing one property, and therefore each of them can obtain a title deed.

As the Tapu in Turkey shows the ownership of the person, if it is full or partial ownership.

Turkish Tapu laws

The title deed of Real estate is granted only to the person who owns the property.

People who have other rights to the property itself, other than the right of ownership, such as a tenant or mortgage, will not get a title deed.

The Tapu document shows the ownership of the person whose name is mentioned in the property deed. 

Joint ownership of property in Turkey: If only one person’s name is mentioned in the owner’s column without mentioning a rate of (1/2) or otherwise, this means that the property is fully owned by the person mentioned in the deed only.

When a certain percentage is mentioned, such as (1/2), this means that there is a co-owner in the property.

This person owns the property within the limits of the percentage mentioned in the title deed “Tapu”.

According to the title deed, the partners in one property are considered partners in all Real estate departments.

So, the partner in the property does not have a specific part of the property, but is a partner in the entire property.

What does the original title deed include?

What does the original title deed include
What does the original title deed include

The Tapu document is extracted by the Land Registry Directorate in Turkey.

Each of the following information will be mentioned within the Tapu document:

  • Property address.
  • The registration number of the land in which the property is located.
  • The total area of land of the property.
  • Property area, floor, building number.
  • The value of the property in Turkish lira.
  • A personal photo of the property owner.
  • Information about the owner, name, nationality, etc.

Difference between red and blue title deeds

1- Blue Tapu in Turkey

This Tapu is created for land ownership as well as joint ownership and here is some information:

Land Ownership: Land title deeds will be assigned to that land and will not apply to other housings.

Joint ownership: If there are several housings in the Tapu, the title indicates the total ownership you have on the property.

For example, if you buy a house in Turkey with N. 6 in a group of 30 houses, the title will indicate that you have a share only one out of 30 in total.

This reduces the independence of the owner to the property and some homeowners may face difficulties when they have to make decisions based on the sale or in regard to property maintenance and specific homeowners will not be eligible for a mortgage.

2- Red Tapu in Turkey

This type means that there will be an individual proprietorship in the Turkish title deed. 

If we consider the same example, instead of naming the house No. 6 as a share, this can be called “kat irtifaki” or another name “kat mulkiyeti” which is mainly used for residential or commercial purposes:

Kat Irtifaki: This basically means that the property is under construction and the title also shows the allocation of units in the development.

Kat Mulkiyeti: As the initial development process has been completed, the local municipal authorities will inspect the property for the completion of the construction and then the permit will be granted.

Once this is obtained, all basic utilities can be connected and once the owner obtains this title, the property will have Iskan permit (residence permit) issued by the Town Planning Department Authorities.

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Requirements for getting title deed (Tapu)

  • Turkish tax number.
  • The original passport and identity document with their photocopies.
  • White background photographs.
  • A certified power of attorney (if any).
  • In buying or selling, the original or copies of the previous title deed.
  • Turkish Disaster and Compulsory Earthquake Insurance document.
  • Proof of identity of the seller.
  • A translated and notarized copy of all documents.

Types of title deeds in Turkey

Types of title deeds in Turkey
Types of title deeds in Turkey

1- Land title deeds

These bonds depend on ensuring the type of land, whether it is suitable for construction or not, and its legal status.

2- Building and construction title deed

This title deed is intended for construction as a complete unit, such as homes, apartments, villas, and offices.

3- Commercial Real estate registry

This document is intended for trade real estate, such as stores, offices, restaurants, shops, etc., and the investor must register the purpose of using the property.

4- Agricultural title deed

It is also called the blue title deed, and it allows its owner to use it in an agricultural or animal husbandry project. 

5- Real estate easement

This document relates to Real estate projects under construction, provided that they have been approved and depend on the building’s planning and division, and each part receives an easement document that shows its location and includes detailed information.

6- Joint title deed

A bond that is offered for a limited period of time and the owner has the right to sell, buy, rent or even give up his property.

7- Full title deed

The most important document that legally proves the investor’s ownership of the property.

Is it safe to buy a property in Turkey?

Yes, it is, when buying a property in Turkey, the owner will get a full ownership with a title deed that prove his ownership to the property.

Turkish government changed the system of buying a property in Turkey to protect all foreigners’ rights.

In order to buy a property safely, the buyer should choose a Licensed estate agent and a lawyer to carry out the buying process.

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