Know More About Real estate Investing In Basaksehir Istanbul

Real estate Investing In Basaksehir Istanbul

Basaksehir is located in the European side of Istanbul-Turkey, which has many valuable Real estate investing and luxury housing projects.

Geographically, Basaksehir is surrounded by Arnavutkoy to the north, Sultangazi and Eyupsultan to the northeast, Esenler to the east, Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece and Avcilar to the south, and Esenyurt to the west.

It is located between Marmara Sea from the south and Sazili Lake from the north.

In the last ten years, the government announced for the development of Basaksehir Istanbul in all fields.

As a result, it became now one of the city’s best landmarks, and many tourists visit it annually.

Basaksehir Istanbul is distinguished from other areas in Istanbul as it is a very modern area, where you find modern infrastructure with modern engineering and planning.

These factors made it an ideal choice for investors and business owners, which led the Turkish government to pay attention to it in particular, especially in the investment field.

This area lacks social life as it is a big district, and it is devoid of the night-life that characterizes several areas in Istanbul such as Istiklal Street and Taksim.

Some people consider this point a negative point, but on the other hand, this situation is an attraction for others, as the area is remarkably calm; what makes it an ideal place for those looking for comfort and relaxation.

What distinguishes Basaksehir is that you will find many landscapes around you and that what people are looking for when they buy a home.

It is now one of the most attractive areas for local and foreign investors, not only because of the highest standards of luxury and comfort; but also because of the strong structure of its buildings, and the availability of social, cultural, health and educational facilities in the area.

Real estate investing in Basaksehir Istanbul

Real estate investing Basaksehir Istanbul
Real estate investing Basaksehir Istanbul

Basaksehir is one of the best areas in Istanbul suitable for making investments, as the projects and residential areas enjoy a high investment value.

It is a great destination for local and foreign investors, whether for Real estate investment in Turkey or for housing.

Foreign investors choose Basaksehir Istanbul for many reasons

  • A strategic location near the new Istanbul Airport, and TEM highway.
  • The nearness to the most important development projects in Turkey, such as the new Istanbul Canal project.

These factors made Basaksehir Istanbul one of the most profitable locations in Real estate investment in Istanbul Turkey, and it witnesses a great demand by foreign and Arab investors.

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Why should you buy a property in Basaksehir Istanbul?

Basaksehir is one of Istanbul’s European side special areas for living where you can find many kinds of cultural activities like theater, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and Olympic stadium.

Also, there are many shopping centers in Basaksehir, which offer luxury options and include many local and international brands.

Mall of Istanbul is located in Basaksehir Istanbul, and it includes hundreds of various stores that contain all the humans’ needs.

Basaksehir has the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, surrounded by 300 thousand square meters of parks, restaurants, private clubs and cafes.

It also contains the second-largest exhibition in Istanbul, and it is used for many events throughout the year, such as theatrical performances, concerts and Ramadan celebrations.

As for education, Basaksehir has got a special position due to the large number of public and private schools.

Some international schools in Basaksehir include Aqsa International Schools in Istanbul, Huda International Schools and Bawasel School.

Also, Basaksehir has the most prestigious universities, these universities teach their curriculum in Arabic, English and Turkish, the most important of which is Basaksehir Academy.

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The accessibility of transportation in Basaksehir Istanbul

There is a wide transportation network in Basaksehir, the most important of which is the metro that connects Basaksehir to Marmaray metro station which connects the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

As well as public and private buses that connect Basaksehir to many areas of Istanbul, such as Taksim and Fatih.

It also includes one of the most popular metro lines in the city; Basaksehir-Kirazili metro line between Kirazli and Koy Olympics, with a length of 16 kilometers and 11 stations.

The incredible transportation system in Basaksehir enables thousands of people who live in the apartments of Basaksehir district to reach many important areas, such as Ataturk International Airport and Marmara Railway.

Turkey also intends to build a new tram line in Basaksehir area, and the project is expected to start soon, at a cost of about 450 million Turkish liras.

Real estate investing in Basaksehir Istanbul projects

buy a property in Basaksehir Istanbul
Buy a property in Basaksehir Istanbul

PARK MAVERA 4 project

It is located near the new metro (1 minute) and also near the new Istanbul Airport (20 minutes).

The project consists of many apartments of different styles starting from 2+1 to 9+2 styles.

Prices of the project start from 248 thousand dollars and rise to nearly 1110 thousand dollars.

3 Istanbul project

This project is based on an area of 115,000 square meters with styles 1+1/1+2/1+3/1+4, in addition to the green spaces and the services such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms and a mosque for each section.

It consists of 4 sections; the first section is ready for housing and has 8 buildings at a height of 13 floors.

Second section is under construction and consists of seven buildings and a total of 524 apartments.

While the third section consists of a hotel design building with a total of 140 apartments and a height of 11 building floors.

And the last one consists of shops and hotel apartments ranging between 1+1 and 2+1.

Facilities near the project:

  • The largest botanical garden in Europe: 4 minutes.
  • New Metro: 5 minutes.
  • The largest Medical City in Europe: 4 minutes.
  • Largest square in Europe: 5 minutes.
  • Ibn Haldun University: 4 minutes
  • Istanbul New Airport: 25 minutes.

Mavera Comfort project

It consists of 16 towers, with a number of 9 floors. The project will be built on an area of 65 thousand square meters, with green spaces occupying more than 75% of the project area.

Mavera Comfort project will include 705 housing units in the project with styles 2+1 / 3.5+1 / 4.5+1.

The project is surrounded by shops and restaurants, and Adly Palace will be built behind it.

Prices of the project start from 121 thousand dollars and rise to nearly 245 thousand dollars, depending on the size and the style of apartments.

Facilities near the project:

  • Medical City, botanical garden, the Olympic metro.
  • It is 23 minutes away from the new Istanbul airport.
  • And it is 1 minute away from Ibn Haldun University.

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