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Real estate advisory service
Since the establishment of our company, we have aimed to provide our cadres and real estate advisors with the best standards to be ready to provide the best real estate advisory services, so don't miss the opportunity to book a free real estate advisory appointment for you.
Visiting real estate projects
Our services don't stop only to present exclusive offers. Rather, we organize pre-planned visits to construction locations and showrooms where you can meet directly with the sales team to get the latest details and developments related to your investment and the progress of work construction.
Citizenship by Real Estate investment
Lale Real Estate Group helps you with its real estate experts and specialists in Turkish legal affairs, and with the correct investment decision to buy the best real estate that qualifies you to obtain the Turkish citizenship.

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The most important investment and residential projects in Istanbul, Turkey

Steps To Own A Real Estate With Lale Group

Consolidation real estate understanding (We make sure through a discussion session that the customer has understood all the investment and housing process in Istanbul)

Choose the standards of the required real estate ( Whether it is residential or investment, by browsing more than 150 real estate projects in the office and selecting the budget, style and region)

A site visit to real estate projects (The visit to projects is not random, but rather comes after the real estate understanding and after identifying investment or residential projects from the map)

Real estate comparisons report (After surveying the selected offers carefully, we present a detailed list in which we compare the selected real estate in terms of price per square meter, rent, views, features, etc.)

The New Real Estate Blogs

Real estate news and the economy in Turkey, the latest information, projects and regions, all this and more, you can find on our blog. We wish you a pleasant reading

Meet Our Experts

Get to know Lale group committee to open the doors of your dreams.

Yasser Qaqaa
Founder and CEO
Yasser Qaqaa
Founder and CEO

From a humble beginning in the world of investment in Turkey to a Turkish market advisor. I believe in the principle of investing in minds and sharing to increase profit. "Life is not built with jelly men."

Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager

I am not only trying to market real estate, but I also silently understand those around me because real estate can't make a human!

Firas Tanoura
Customer Service Manager
Firas Tanoura
Customer Service Manager

Business administration is not just about building companies, but rather about building relationships and partnerships with successful partners.

Ibrahim Zater
Sales manager
Ibrahim Zater
Sales manager

Civil engineer/Seismologist and real estate consultant certified by the Turkish government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to distinguish between a real estate consultant and a broker?

The real estate consultant gives you a clear real estate value for the sake of consulting, not the sake of selling. While for the broker, he answers your request directly and says yes, you reached what you want! And begins convincing you with the importance of the project area and the project that gives him higher commission.

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Who can buy real properties in Turkey?

Most of the nationalities can buy properties in Turkey freely, but there are only three countries whose citizens are not entitled to buy real estate in Turkey for political reasons, namely North Korea, Armenia, and Syria, and there are other countries, such as Russia and Greece, whose citizens do not have the right to buy properties in specific Turkish cities.

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Why is investing in Turkey so important?

Many investors are attracted to the Turkish market due to several factors, which are history, geographical location, the thriving economy, and low taxes.

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What are the available areas for investment in Turkey?

You can choose to invest in Turkey in the field of real estate, the industrial sector, the automobile industry, the agricultural sector, general trade, health care and medicines, the automobile industry, financial services, and the field of communications and information.

Why is investing in Turkey real estate a profitable investment field?

Real estate is the largest investment sector in Turkey because of the constant demand to buy an apartment or house in Turkey, and because buyers who buy a house of 250 thousand dollars or more and who plan to keep it for a period of three years are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment?

According to the “Regulation for Making Amendments for the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law,” it was decided to grant Turkish citizenship to people whose government and relevant authorities prove that they have invested a fixed capital in an amount of $500,000.

How long is the time required to obtain Turkish citizenship by residency?

Citizenship can be obtained when residing in Turkey for a continuous period of 5 years, with leaving the country for a maximum period of 6 months only.

Who are entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship by residency?

People who are eligible for Turkish citizenship are those who have real estate properties, or have established a business, or who marry a Turkish citizen, or who have completed a university education in Turkey (hold university certificates).

Can foreigners obtain a work permit in Turkey?

Foreigners who have a residence permit valid for a period of not less than 6 months, except of residence permits for educational purposes, can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

Click here to find the details of obtaining a Turkish work permit.

What are the benefits of buying a property in Turkey?

When buying a property in Istanbul or any Turkish city, many advantages can be obtained, the most important of which are investment advantages and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Can foreigners establish a private company in Turkey?

Yes, this can be achieved where a private company can be established in Turkey by two or more non-Turks.

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What is the best place to buy an apartment in Turkey?

The best place to buy an apartment in Turkey is Istanbul, and the most valuable areas in Istanbul are Basaksehir
, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Kucukcekmece, Sultan Eyup
, Kagithane, Bakiroky, and Zeytinburnu. In general, the areas of the European side are the best place to buy properties in Turkey.

What are the best cities to invest in Turkey?

Real estate investments are located in Istanbul, which is the center of Turkey. Also, the most beautiful and important city in Turkey that attracts local and foreign investors after Istanbul are Fethiye and Taksim.

What are the real estate agent service fees?

When selling a property, the approved real estate agents are entitled to receive a 3% service fee based on the actual selling price of the property from the buyer and the property owner separately.

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What are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey?

Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing an amount of 250 thousand dollars by purchasing real estate in Istanbul or any Turkish city.

Are there other investment options that allow obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship through one of the following options:

  1. A fixed capital investment of not less than 500 thousand dollars.
  2. Create job opportunities for a number of persons not less than 50 employees.
  3. Depositing at least 500 thousand dollars in banks operating in Turkey, and keeping the deposit for a period of 3 years.
  4. Buying public debt instruments with a value of not less than $500,000 and keeping them for a period of not less than three years.
  5. Buying shares in private equity or shares in the investment capital fund for an amount not less than $500,000 and keeping these shares for a period of 3 years.

What are the exceptional circumstances for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The Turkish government can grant a foreigner Turkish citizenship in the following unusual cases:

  1. Turkey entry to the scientific, technological, economic, social, sports, cultural, and artistic factories or fields of distinguished service for people.
  2. Persons admitted as immigrants.

Click here to get information about Turkish citizenship and all its details.

Which is better and most profitable, real estate investment or opening a company in Turkey?

If you are a businessman in your country and you know the entrances and exits of business, so you must have a period of real experimentation for the Turkish market and then decide what you want, but if you have understood the Turkish market well, opening a company will be a suitable option for you and also real estate investment is an investment opportunity.

Will your phone work with a Turkish SIM card?

The Turkish government imposes a purchase tax on those who buy mobile phones from outside Turkey, and the phone will be blocked by two weeks after the Turkish SIM card starts working in Turkey, and for re-activation, 700 Turkish liras must be deposited at the tax office, then take this receipt to the Turkish GSM and buy a new SIM card.

What are the most investing nationalities in Turkey?

The Russians, the Iraqis and the Iranians.

What taxes must be paid when buying a property in Istanbul?

The nominal value is usually lower than the market value, and taxes in most areas are set between 0.1% and 0.3% of the nominal value annually, and it is estimated on average between $1 - $2 per square meter of the property.

What are the required documents to apply for a residence permit in Turkey?

  1. 1. Two advertisement forms.
  2. 2. Two work statement forms.
  3. 3. Seven photos for foreign people.
  4. 4. A petition prepared by the company to employ newcomers.
  5. 5. Work permit obtained from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
  6. 6. Passport of foreign people.

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Who decides the price of the property in Turkey?

If you are buying a property in a new project, the price will be determined by the real estate developer, otherwise the owners set the prices for their properties offered for sale.

What are real estate evaluation companies?

They are independent entity through which mortgage lenders require residential property evaluation services for the properties they are considering making loans through it.

Click here to find more information on Lale Real Estate Group's guide for real estate evaluation.

What is the form of the title deed?

The title deed is called "tapu" and all the property processing for foreigners are made only through the land offices in the area in which the property is located.

What are the required documents to buy a property in Turkey?

To buy a property in Turkey, you need your passport and passport-sized photographs to start the process of buying the property in Turkey. Once the passport and the title deed are translated into Turkish, the notary sends it to the army for verification, and the army then checks all the documents and makes sure that the buyer does not have a criminal record. Thus, the property he buys is not located near any area that is being used (or intended for future use) by the military.

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