A new start with Basaksehir housing projects

A new start with Basaksehir housing projects

Istanbul has many housing projects in many areas to get a new start. Basaksehir is one of the well-known areas in the field of Real estate. 

It is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the center of the city.

The area includes a water valley park (Sular Vadisi Parkı) located in the fifth neighborhood of Basaksehir, which is an area of 45 thousand square meters and 723 square meters.

Basaksehir municipality is one of the municipalities that uses information technologies in the best possible way to provide its citizens with many services using information technologies.

Basaksehir is characterized by the spread of health facilities that effectively serve the residents.

The largest Medical City in Europe is been built within the Basaksehir area with a capacity of 2682 beds.

Most famous landmarks of Basaksehir region

  • Largest botanical garden in Europe.
  • Largest Medical City in the Middle East.
  • Biggest Square in Turkey.

Basaksehir represents an ideal environment full of vitality and full of public facilities, shopping centers, parks, etc.

You can find luxury homes with facilities such as 5-star hotels, cinemas, theaters, and centers for people with special needs.

It has become a focus of attention for investors and business owners, which led the Turkish government to develop it in all fields.

There are many reasons to own Real Estate in Basaksehir, it is a very important area and can even described as the first region in the field of Real estate investment.

Real estate Basaksehir housing projects for sale

Here is a list of Real estate Basaksehir housing projects for sale:

Park Mavera 4 housing projects

Park Mavera 4 Basaksehir housing projects
Basaksehir housing projects

Park Mavera 4 consists of many apartments with different styles and different sizes ranging from 2+1 to 9+2.

The project has 7 blocks and based on an area of 20,000 square meters, with a number of 133 housing units.

Park Mavera 4 project distinguished by its direct views of the botanical garden and the quiet impression because it contains of a few apartments, and the wide areas in it.

The projects have many luxuries homes that is super deluxe, and has a central air conditioning for each room. Thus, some apartments contain a stove for heating and Turkish bath. 

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Park Mavera 3 housing projects

Park Mavera 3 Basaksehir housing projects
Basaksehir housing projects

Park Mavera 3 project is built on a land area of 50,000 square meters. It Consists of 9 towers with apartments’ styles ranging from 0+1 to 5+1.

You will touch the nature soul with Mavera 3, as the nature views and water bodies cover approximately 78% of its area.

The project contains of many social facilities including an indoor swimming pool available for the four seasons.

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Mavera Comfort housing projects

Mavera Comfort housing project
Basaksehir project for sale

The Mavera Comfort project apartments for sale in Istanbul consists of 16 towers with a number of 9 floors and will be built on an area of approximately 65 thousand square meters with green spaces that covers more than 75% of the project area.

There will be total of 705 housing units in the project with styles ranging from 2+1, 3.5+1, 4.5.

Mavera Comfort is also surrounded by shops, restaurants, and many social facilities that any one needs.

For its unique location, it is located near the New City Square that planned to be the center of Basaksehir.

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Mavera residence housing projects

mavera residence Basaksehir housing projects
property for sale in Basaksehir

“Makro İnşaat” does not only create high-quality buildings for its clients. It also creates an enjoyable and healthy life culture.

Mavera Residence properties with its all facilities designed to be an investment project and your paradise on the land of Istanbul.

It is located on a land area of 13 thousand square meters, with a unique modern design.

The project consists of a 15-story building that combines 360 apartments in Istanbul, each floor has 24 apartments of styles 1+1 and 2+1.

The project is also distinguished by its strategic location in the well-known Basaksehir area.

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Strada Bahcesehir housing project

Strada Bahcesehir Basaksehir housing projects
Bahcesehir housing projects

Strada Bahcesehir project is designed on basis of contemporary architecture.

It contains all the modern engineering technologies that focus on aesthetics and the safety standards in all buildings and facilities.

The Strada project is constructed in two phases, the first phase is been completed and nearly 90% of it is been sold, and the second phase is still under construction.

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3 Istanbul housing project

3 Istanbul Basaksehir housing projects
property for sale in Basaksehir

3 Istanbul project is considered as one of the largest housing projects in Istanbul-Turkey.

This region included most of the important housing projects and received great attention from the Turkish government as a result of its important location.

The 3 Istanbul project consists of four sections within 115,000 square meters and with styles 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, in addition to green spaces and services of swimming pools, saunas, gyms and a mosque for each section:

First section consists of eight buildings at a height of 13 floors for construction, the total of apartments is 575, which are ranging from 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1.

Second section consists of seven buildings, and the total apartments in it are 524, which are ranging from 2+1 to 3+1.

Third section consists of a building with an amazing hotel design with 140 apartments and a height of 11 floors for the building with stunning views. Fourth section consists of shops and hotel apartments ranging between 1+1 and 2+1, and this one considered as an investment one.

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